Hillary Campaign Lies About Clinton’s iPad

Hillary Rodham Clinton

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s campaign is telling outright falsehoods about Hillary Clinton’s iPad.

Clinton campaign senior adviser and spokeswoman Karen Finney told Jake Tapper on CNN Monday that Clinton did not have her iPad when she set up her private email server, and that she wasn’t using her iPad for email. Clinton has been criticized for using multiple devices, including an iPad and a Blackberry, to access her personal email network, which contained classified national security information.

Finney said that “she [Hillary] didn’t have the iPad — she got the iPad, I think as a Christmas gift some time later.”

“And as I understand it, uses that predominantly, to read articles and what have you, not for email,” Finney added.

“And with regard to the Blackberry, I don’t even think she had the iPhone at the time that she had the Blackberry,” Finney continued in rambling fashion. She went on:

But somebody gives you an iPad so she’s saying, well, I have an iPad…it was all later. And the point being, at the time, she decided that having one device where she could — because she was going to be traveling. And like she said, Jake, I mean, come on, when she went into the State Department, as you will recall, we were facing some pretty big challenges, and I don’t think she was as focused on what technology she would have. She — like she said, can I just have one device? That would make it easier. I think having an iPad to read articles that somebody gives you as a Christmas present…doesn’t create some sort of mishap.

It’s an interesting story, but it rings false. Clinton used her iPad to exchange work-related emails, as well as her Blackberry. How do we know? The Clinton campaign said so.

Clinton bought the iPad herself and sometimes used it for email, according to Hillaryclinton.com.

“Clinton relied on her Blackberry for emailing,” according to the campaign site. “This was easiest for her. When the iPad came out in 2010, she was as curious as others and found it great for shopping, browsing, and reading articles when she traveled. She also had access to her email account on her iPad and sometimes used it for that too.”

The iPad was released in April 2010, not during Christmas season.


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