GOP Donor Foster Friess Backs Kevin McCarthy in House Race

Getty Images

Foster Friess, a conservative billionaire living in Wyoming, is supporting Kevin McCarthy’s race for House Speaker, following John Boehner’s resignation.

“He seems to be a real upbeat guy in all my interactions with him,” Friess stated in a press release.

Friess added:

Conservatives like him for his 100% rating from the National Right to Life Committee and National Rifle Association A rating as well as voting against the two big bank bailouts and the auto bailout and his push to end earmarks, which in January, 2011, the new House majority indeed did end.

We all need to support his efforts to bring Tea Party and Establishment wings of Republicans together and to embrace Democrats that want America to remain the shining city on a hill. I don’t know all his past positions or votes, but I like the guy.

Friess has helped fund various conservative media operations including The Daily Caller. He has supported former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum in presidential elections and is generally regarded as a major conservative movement donor and active political player.


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