Thousands of Candles Lit at UCC Shooting Vigil

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

The light from thousands of candles lit the darkness in Roseburg, Oregon, as the town’s residents began to deal with the aftermath of the Umpqua Community College (UCC) shooting that left at least 9 victims dead. Breitbart News was on the scene as Roseburg residents gathered together to pray and pay respects while the Obama administration had already begun to politicize the events.

There were still conflicting stories and lingering questions about the killer who planned the cowardly attack on UCC students, but the town was resolute. “This will make us better” said one speaker.

Umpqua Community College was still on lockdown as the vigil began Thursday night after dark. Cars were parked blocks away as families from around Douglas County gathered and lit candles. Although there were speakers, much of the evening consisted of people simply standing in silence holding candles.

At one point, people began to assemble lit candles to form the letters UCC.

Oregon Governor Kate Brown was in attendance at the vigil. In an appearence on CNN Friday morning, the Democrat seemed to be on different timetable than the President. When asked about gun control, she said “”Those are conversations for the days ahead. Right now I’m focused, along with Oregonians across the state, on supporting the community.”


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