Democratic Sen. In Hillary Clinton Ad Insults Housewives, Intelligence of American People


The Hillary Clinton campaign is showing a Buzzfeed-style photo listicle featuring female Democratic senators holding up signs with pro-female slogans on them to support Clinton.

Borrowing the White House’s strategy to combat the terrorist group Boko Haram, the Clinton campaign ad and its featured sign-holders strive to be empowering, inspiring, life-affirming, or some combination thereof. But the ad just ends up insulting American homemakers.

“What would a Republican president mean for women” the campaign asks, followed by a photo of Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill holding up a sign saying “Worst News Ever!”

McCaskill then offers a quote beneath her picture, saying, “June Cleaver? Would people get that?”

“June Cleaver,” of course, was a homemaker character on the 1950s television program Leave It To Beaver, which is not some kind of highbrow piece of literature that McCaskill – wearing blue hipster glasses in the photo – would be going over America’s heads by referencing.

Neither McCaskill nor the Clinton campaign takes any time to explain why being a loving mother and homemaker is a bad thing compared to being a senator tainted by a taxpayer-funded private plane scandal.

The listicle also features Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand responding to a prompt about why women make excellent leaders by holding a sign that says “Make a Difference,” and she adds, “They see the world differently” than the other forty-nine percent of the human population.

“It’s like what she said in Beijing. Women’s rights are human rights. And so it’s not like women are in some little silo,” Sen. Tammy Baldwin says in the listicle, sounding more like a socialist than usual. “We are part of the human family. And the progress of any part is progress for the whole.”


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