Myanmar Immigrant Charged with Attempted Capital Murder for Force-Feeding Son Ant Poison

immigrant Eh
Police photo

Burmese immigrant Paw Eh, 31, force-fed her four-year-old son ant poison and tried to get her other two children to eat the poison, according to police documents.

In another one for the what author Ann Coulter calls the “not our problem” file, police arrested the immigrant Eh Saturday in Dallas, Texas. Eh’s 12-year-old daughter watched as her mother called her youngest sibling into the kitchen, filling a teaspoon with ant poison and water. When she tried to get the boy to eat the poison, he struggled, so she slapped him to make him cry, and shoved the poison in his mouth.

“My mom wants to kill us with poison powder that kills ants and stuff,” her seven-year-old son said. He said his mother told them she decided to kill them all, and then herself.

The two older children fled to their grandmother’s house after they saw what their mother was doing.

Fellow Burmese the U.S. government voluntarily imported, likely as refugees, living near Eh said she seemed to be mentally ill. “Some people say the mother is not 100 percent,” said neighbor Thang Awi. Reports were quick to note that Eh had no criminal background, but did not say whether she passed a mental health check before being shipped to an American neighborhood.

If convicted, Eh will enjoy taxpayer-funded food, clothing, and shelter for years in prison. 

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