Defensive CNN Caught Lying About Vetting Obama: Only Example Is Post-Election


As its racially-motivated smear job against Dr. Ben Carson implodes, CNN is in full panic mode. CNN lying is not exactly news, but the lies of commission and omission emanating from the left-wing network today have been nothing short of breathtaking.

During a CNN appearance this morning, Carson challenged a visibly rattled Alisyn Camerota with the verifiable charge that CNN showed no interest in vetting President Obama. After an awkward pause (probably to get fed from her producer), Camerota shot back with the example of the composite girlfriend found in one of Obama’s auto-biographies.

This is a lie. And all through the morning CNN has been defensively repeating this lie. CNN wants viewers to believe Candidate Obama was vetted in 2008 by CNN, when the truth is that CNN not only refused to vet Obama but buried a scoop that was a potential game-changer.

The fact is that Obama’s composite girlfriend was not found until after Obama had been in office for a little more than three years.

Here’s another fact: Just a month prior to Obama winning the presidency in 2008, CNN discovered that the then-candidate had LIED about his ADULT relationship with a TERRORIST.

Watch the video for yourself. Then watch Anderson Cooper magically turn this bombshell into a nothingburger. CNN would never again touch the subject. Nor would the rest of the DC Media.

Another outright lie about Carson was tweeted out by CNN’s Maeve Reston, the white liberal leading this high-tech lynching. She claimed Carson stabbed someone. He did not.


Reston, Camerota, and every CNN anchor are also lying through omission. In their breathless, innuendo-laced reports about not being able to find witnesses, CNN refuses to inform viewers that the incidents in question happened more than a half-century ago — 50 to 57 years, to be precise.

Dr. Carson is a black man off The Thought Plantation, and therefore an existential threat to Democrats. And we have all seen through our own history of slavery and segregation what Democrats and Leftists do to black people who threaten their power.


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