Maher: Trump Using ‘My Shtick’ Because He Can’t Believe He’s Losing To a Black Guy, Carson Isn’t Telling Truth

HBO’s “Real Time” host Bill Maher stated GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump was using his “shtick” of “calling Evangelical voters fools and idiots for believing in that Jesus redemption bullsh*t” because he couldn’t believe he was “losing to a black guy” and accused GOP presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson of being dishonest in his books on Friday.

Maher said, “Donald Trump used to begin his speeches with, I’m the greatest guy in the world. Now it’s all about, I can’t believe I’m losing to a black guy.”

After talking about Trump stating voters were stupid if they believed Carson, Maher stated, “Don, we’ve had our differences. I remember when you sued me, that wasn’t cool, but calling Evangelical voters fools and idiots for believing in that Jesus redemption bullsh*t. That’s my shtick, okay?”

Maher continued, “I love Dr. Ben’s response to Donald Trump today. He said, ‘Pray for him.’ I love that. Like he’s one of his patients who needs brain surgery. Okay, Dr. Ben, I will pray for Donald Trump, But then, when he’s still an a**hole, can we agree prayer’s bullsh*t?  But, you know, in fairness, almost nothing in Dr. Ben Carson’s 10 books turns out to be literally true. I’m beginning to wonder if he ever really performed brain surgery at all. I think he just puts you under and then wakes you up a little later and says, ‘There, there, all done.'”

He concluded, “Dr. Ben Carson, I tell you, he’s mad too. He is tired of these claims that he — that everything he says is bullsh*t. He says he has undergone unprecedented scrutiny. He actually said this, He said Obama was never vetted. Talk about being in the Fox [bubble]. Obama was never vetted? Obama was vetted more than anybody else.

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