Former CIA Chief Morell: ‘Crystal Clear’ Obama’s ISIS Strategy Is Not Working

Sunday on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” the former CIA deputy director Michael Morell said in light of the Paris terror attack it has become “crystal clear” the Obama administration’s strategy against ISIS is not working.

Morell said, “There is two major points here. The first is that ISIS for the last year has been trying to build an attack capability in Western Europe. I think this is the first manifestation of that effort and that success. And eventually they will try to build a similar attack capability in the United States. I think that is the first fundamental point. The second fundamental point is in the last two weeks, we’ve had an ISIS affiliate in Sinai apparently, we don’t know for sure, bring down an airliner, only the third airliner brought down by a bomb in last quarter century. We’ve had the second largest terrorist attack in Western Europe since 9/11, the largest since Madrid in 2004. I think When you put those two things together and you put together the attack capability in the West, I think it’s now crystal clear to us that our strategy, our policy, vis-à-vis ISIS is not working  and is time to look at something else.”

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