FL Gov Scott: WH Won’t Give US ‘Background Information’ on Refugees, Won’t Explain How Our Vetting Is Better Than France’s

Florida Governor Rick Scott (R) stated that the White House told him the White House wouldn’t explain how the US’ refugee vetting program is better than France’s and they wouldn’t give him “any authority to make decisions for my state,” or law enforcement “background information” on refugees in an interview broadcast on Wednesday’s “Hannity” on the Fox News Channel.

Scott said, “it’s really concerning, I got on the White House call last night. I asked three questions. Number one, how’s your vetting better than the French vetting? Because I’m sure the French government didn’t want a — somebody to pose as a refugee, and come into their country and be a terrorist. He just said, it’s just better. Number two, are you going to give me or my law enforcement the information — the background information? No, we’re not. And number three, are you going to give me any authority to make decisions for my state? No.”

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