Graham: ‘Turkey Punched Russia in the Nose, Good for Turkey’

Tuesday on Fox Business Network’s “Mornings with Maria,” Republican presidential candidate Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC)  said of Turkey’s downing of a Russian plane, “Turkey punched Russia in the nose, good for Turkey.”

Graham said, “Russia is very provocative. They are killing the people we trained to take Assad down, Our president is pathetically weak in the face of aggression  He is a weak opponent of evil a porr champion of freedom. I never thought I’d lived long enough to say this, I wish the American president is as bold as the French president. So Syria is getting completely out of hand because our strategy is a miserable failure.”

He added, “Here is what’s so sad. Three years ago, Obama’s entire national security team along with Senator McCain and Senator Graham advised a no-fly zone when Assad was on the ropes and the Free Syrian army was intact. But Ted Cruz and a few others on our side and Democrats voted against it, or suggested not to do it and President Obama went along with Ted Cruz, not to oppose no-fly zone and train Free Syrian Army three years ago this war would be over. Syria would be repairing itself. Russia wouldn’t be there. Iran wouldn’t be propping up Assad. Assad would have been kicked out by his own people. So it’s sad it’s gotten this way and it’s never going to get better until Obama changes his strategy.”

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