CNN’s Stelter, Trump Spokeswoman Battle on 9/11 Claims — ‘Your Candidate Is Grossly Exaggerating’

Sunday on CNN’s “Reliable Sources,” host Brian Stelter battled with Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s spokeswoman Katrina Pierson over Trump’s claims he saw thousands of Muslims in New Jersey cheering the Twin Towers coming down on 9/11.

Pierson said, “The question is did he or did he not see it. They’re trying to people they didn’t see what they saw or hear what they heard. That’s what’s being discussed today. Did it happen? So many people have said yes. The question is why is the media going out of its way at this point to deny that there are radical American Muslims in this country today. Because obviously, they have shifted over to this false attack on the reporter.”

She continued, “Before this actually happened, the Washington Post article, the whole fact checking incident, everyone was saying it did not happen. This never happened Trump is lying. When in fact these other articles, including an AP article came out and said otherwise. So many people in New Jersey came to his defense.”

Host Stelter said, “At very best your candidate is grossly exaggerating. It would have been an international news story. We’d be playing the video now. Can we all agree if thousands of people celebrated in Jersey camera crews would have flocked.”

Pierson said, “It’s not the question. It’s not the question if there were ten thousands or thousands of thousands. The question is were there or were there not Muslims in America cheering?”

Stelter said, “We have to agree to disagree on this topics. To me it matters that thousand never cheered on 9/11. To me it would have been a huge story. There’s no video or photographic proof. To me it feels like it hurts the Trump campaign to talk about this,” he added, “it’s about evidence. we have to find photos or videos in order to have evidence of it.”

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