Hillary Changes Her Twitter Avatar to Rosa Parks

@HillaryClinton Rosa Parks tweet

Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton changed her Twitter avatar Tuesday to an image of Rosa Parks sitting on a Hillary campaign logo.

To commemorate the sixtieth anniversary of the Montgomery bus boycott in Alabama, Clinton’s official Twitter account boldly – or, rather ostentatiously – appropriates the image of an actual African-American civil rights icon to gin up support for the presidential candidacy of a wealthy white woman.

But inferences can be made that undermine the intent of the avatar.

That Parks is sitting on a Hillary “H” logo suggests that her campaign is actually the bus, which is segregated, and therefore Parks is fighting to de-segregate the bus of the Clinton campaign.

Clinton’s shockingly ill-informed image echoes a widely mocked 2013 photo that President Obama published, in which he sat on the unmoving Rosa Parks bus at a Detroit museum and looked out the window.