Nevada GOP State Chairwomen Back Carly Fiorina for President

Scott Olson/Getty Images
Washington, DC

Three former Nevada Republican State Chairwomen are throwing their support behind GOP presidential candidate Carly Fiorina, with the Nevada primary just slightly over two months away.

The former Nevada Republican State Chairwomen – have decided to join Fiorina’s leadership team in the Silver State.

Tarkanian said Americans need policies that empower the community, not federal bureaucracies in order to achieve a limited government.

“Carly understands Washington’s top-down, bureaucratic decisions ultimately hurt Americans,” Tarkanian explained. “She will turn the power structure around so we have a bottom-up growth economy. She’ll focus on implementing policies that help build strong families, and she will foster an economic climate that helps create new jobs and fixes our broken economy.”

Forsythe says she likes Fiorina’s ability to get things done. “She has a lifetime’s worth of experience taking on big challenges and putting realistic solutions in place,” Forsythe said.

Our health care system is broken. The world is growing darker. Carly understands our inability to lead is to blame. She has the common sense and extraordinary ability to communicate a clear path for our country to fix some of our most pressing concerns, be it fixing health care or leading on the global stage.

Roberts, like Forsythe, appreciates Fiorina’s record of leadership as former CEO of Hewlett Packard.

Carly’s story — beginning as a secretary and rising to a CEO of a Fortune 20 company — is only possible in this country. Carly Fiorina is a role model to our youth and a symbol of achievement in this great nation. She embodies the American dream. Carly is the leader the USA needs now!

Weber says Fiorina’s business background would get the country’s economy going again. “For too long, we’ve had an administration that chooses winners and losers in the market,” Webber said. “We need a leader like Carly who will empower young entrepreneurs and small business owners with simplified tax codes and will reestablish the limited role of government.”

Nevada is the fourth state that kicks of the GOP primary on February 23, 2016. Voters in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina head to the ballot earlier that same month.