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Storms Add 350 Billion Gallons of Water to CA Reservoirs

California’s crippling five-year drought has come to a temporary halt in the northern part of the state, as roughly 350 billion gallons of water came pouring into the region’s biggest reservoirs over the past few days, boosting storage to levels not seen in years.

California flooding (Justin Sullivan / Getty)

Can Trump Deliver More Water to California’s Farmers?

President-elect Donald Trump has stated his commitment to helping California’s farmers attain more water, as the Golden State prepares to enter its historic sixth year of a crippling drought, with a federal water policy in place that favors fish over agriculture.

California Drought Lake McClure (Justin Sullivan / Getty)

Ted Cruz Drops Out

Sen. Ted Cruz conceded his bid for the Republican presidential nomination Tuesday night after the Indiana primary election he called “pivotal” delivered frontrunner Donald Trump a win. Initial results in Indiana showed Cruz with 35.3 percent, Trump 53.6 percent, and

Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) speaks during his election night wa

Matt Palumbo: Carly VP Pick Gives Cruz Fundraising Boost

Political Strategist Matt Palumbo told Breitbart News Daily SiriusXM host Stephan K. Bannon that Ted Cruz announcing Carly Fiorina as his VP pick appears to be helping the campaign in the short-term, particularly with fundraising, but it’s likely not enough to win him the nomination in the end.

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Craig Shirley on Fiorina: ‘Cruz Had To Do Something’

“Cruz had to do something,” he said. “He had to do something because the straight line projection showed Trump headed toward a first ballot nomination. And he very well may be headed toward a first ballot nomination. But at least this gives people pause and it did change the storyline, at least for 24 hours.”

Republican presidential hopefuls Carly Fiorina (L) and Ted Cruz at the CNBC Republican Pre

Ken Klukowski: Carly Fiorina Brings “Full Deck of Cards” to Possible Cruz Ticket

When SiriusXM host Stephen K. Bannon asked on Breitbart News Daily whether Ted Cruz’s pick of Carly Fiorina as his potential running mate was a “smart move,” Breitbart News legal editor Ken Klukowski answered that because of the corporate CEO’s years of work with the CIA, “Between economic and domestic policy and these foreign matters, Carly Fiorina actually brings a full deck of cards to the table, and people have been talking about her for a while as a potential vice-presidential pick.”

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Cruz Campaign Selling ‘Cruz-Fiorina Gear’

The Ted Cruz campaign has rolled out a new line of “Cruz-Fiorina” gear after Cruz announced his running mate in the event that he comes from behind and wins the Republican nomination on a second ballot in Cleveland.