White House: ‘Tragic’ That Americans Buy More Guns After Mass Shootings


The Obama administration signals that it’s “tragic” that more people buy guns after mass shootings, lamenting that there are more guns in America than ever.

“It’s tragic that in the immediate aftermath of a series of high profile mass shootings that people feel like they have to go out an purchase a gun,” White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said during a press briefing with reporters today.

Earnest said that the White House thinks that there are enough guns in the country, insisting that more guns had not led to fewer gun deaths.

“Our nation is awash in guns,” he said. “That ready access to guns and that proliferation of violent weapons of war has not lead to fewer gun deaths.”

Earnest claimed that more guns on the streets was likely causing more innocent gun violence victims.

“That’s tragic and ironic,” he concluded.

He confirmed that a process to further restrict Second Amendment gun rights was ongoing at the White House, as staffers were scrubbing the laws looking for more ways for Obama to use his executive authority on gun control.

When challenged by Wall Street Journal reporter Byron Tau to provide one example of how stricter background checks or an assault weapons ban could have prevented any of the recent mass shootings, Earnest was unable to do so.


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