CBS’s Garrett: Ted Cruz Is a ‘Real Threat’ to Donald Trump in Iowa

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

Friday on “CBS This Morning,” network White House correspondent Major Garrett said Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Criz (R-TX) is a “real threat” to Donald Trump in Iowa.

Garrett said, “Ted Cruz picked up a big endorsement in Iowa the day after he questioned Donald Trump’s judgment during a private fund-raiser. Cruz is real threat to Trump in Iowa and gaining in our pole nationally what’s more if Trump falters, 26 percent of his supporters by far the largest number in our survey, say they will back Cruz over any other Republican.”

Garrett continued, “Here is what it sounded like during a private fund-raiser where, according to an audiotape obtained by ‘The New York Times,’ Cruz predicted Trump and Ben Carson would fade.”

CBS played the audio clip of Cruz saying, “I believe that gravity will bring both of those campaigns down…People are looking for who is prepared to be commander-in-chief, who understands the threats we face? Who am I comfortable having their finger on the button?”

Garrett added, “In Iowa, Cruz landed the coveted endorsement of  Bob Vander Plaats, who’s backed the last two Iowa GOP winners…Ben Carson appears to be fading. His support has tumbled 13 points since the last CBS News-New York Times poll dropping Carson to third place. Cruz is now second, up 12 points.”

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