Conservatives Should Think Bigger On Immigration Ban

Law enforcement officers search for the suspects of a mass shooting December 2, 2015 in Sa
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Donald Trump is right.

We are at war and our homeland security and immigration policies are a complete mess. The Syrian refugee issue and the Islamic terrorist attacks in Paris and San Bernardino have kick-started a much needed debate and have brought some alarming information to the American people.

It starts with basic government incompetence and the suffocating PC culture that Republican and Democrat establishment leaders are slaves to along with the liberal media. Hopefully Trump’s policy idea will start a substantive conversation, because does anyone believe that the United States Government has a firm grasp on who is trying to come into our country, who is already in our country, and what they are doing when they get here?

Couple that with President Obama’s total lack of interest in securing America and we find ourselves in the midst of a perfect storm.

The next president should enact an immigration moratorium or strict quotas across the board.

There is precedent for this in the 1924 immigration law that stayed largely in place until 1965. Let’s also remember that in April 1980 President Jimmy Carter banned Iranians from trying to enter the United States during the hostage crisis by invalidating visas. It’s a good starting point, but why stop at immigration from Middle Eastern and other Islamic terror trouble spots? What about individuals who have made it to Europe or Latin America and are radicalized there?

This is a solution that a bold leader could embrace.

A temporary universal immigration ban would save taxpayers billions of dollars, help the American worker and unemployed, and dramatically help our dire homeland security situation. The ban should only be in place until we get our collective arms around the problem and Congress can write exemptions for health reasons and vital work in the meantime.

The next president could put forth the goal of securing our homeland, reforming our immigration system, and putting Americans back to work with a temporary universal immigration ban. Attached to the legislation for a ban such as this should be a strict timeline for Congress and the next President to enact laws that will secure our borders, end sanctuary cities, and reform the legal immigration and visa system. Conservative comprehensive immigration reform must also promote legal immigration to the point where illegal immigration isn’t a viable alternative.

Trump’s proposal to ban Muslims from entering the United States was made with good intentions. While not politically correct, it’s common sense.

Donald Trump wants to try to stop Islamic terrorist attacks in America and millions of people are responding to this no nonsense message. But in America, is the plan feasible? The backlash as a result of Trump’s announcement from across the political spectrum makes clear that it is not. And once again, the liberal media only reported a piece of what Trump actually proposed.

Just like with sanctuary cities and illegal immigration, Donald Trump deserves credit for speaking the truth that most of our political leaders are afraid of. The United States has a huge national security problem in radical Islam and it’s directly attached to the Islamic religion. That’s a fact.

In this context, how else can we adequately secure the homeland other than temporarily stopping immigration entirely for a specified amount of time? That’s the question we face.

The American people aren’t afraid, but are rightly concerned. It’s been well established that both Congress and President Obama are failing when it comes to national security.

Career politicians from both parties have made it a priority to be politically correct, but when more American lives are lost going to the grocery store, school, or shopping mall, bold ideas such as this must be considered to secure the homeland.


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