Rubio: Paris Climate Deal Could Lead To Sending Taxpayer Money to China — Will Hurt Economic Growth

Florida Senator and Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio argued that the Paris climate accord is “going to hurt economic growth,” won’t be followed by China and India, and could lead to taxpayers sending money to China on Monday’s “Hannity” on the Fox News Channel.

Rubio said, [relevant remarks begin around 7:00] “It’s all for show. I mean, the whole thing is for show. Number one, as you said, they’re not binding. Number two, the administration has committed the United States to certain caps, but hasn’t told us how they’re going to do it, which obviously means they’re going to have more of these sort of regulations, at least that’s what they intend. Here’s the most outrageous part. This is a deal that’s going to require the American taxpayer to send billions of dollars to developing countries. Well, China considers itself a developing country. Does that mean the American taxpayer is going to send billions to China to help them comply with the arrangement here? And number four, let’s be clear on the issue of China, the number one carbon emitter in the world, and India, the number three carbon emitter, they have said we’re going to meet those guidelines, but only if it doesn’t hurt economic growth. Well, guess what? It is going to hurt economic growth. That’s why we shouldn’t do it here. This is just — it’s actually quite frankly, an unfunny joke.”

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