Atlantic’s Ball: Hillary Is Taking Credit For Bill’s Accomplishments So His Indiscretions Are ‘Fair Game’


Sunday on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” in commenting on Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump going after Bill Clinton’s indiscretions, The Atlantic’s Molly Ball said if Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton is going to point to the Bill Clinton presidency to advance her campaign, then Bill Clinton is “fair game.”

Ball said, “[Trump] does have point when he talks about how she’s pandering to women. We do her leaning into sort of feminism as identity politics. She didn’t in 2008 in way that was seen as damaging and dangerous in 2008 she had to be Margaret Thatcher, had to be tough, had to be genderless. This time around very different campaign. She’s talking very openly about being the first woman president as an asset of her campaign, something she wants to accomplish.I do think that, number one, he has a point in pointing that out. Some people may be offended by it, some may not. Number two … if Hillary is going to say that the things that Bill Clinton did that are regarded positively accrue to her credit but the things that are negative she had nothing to do with, well that’s ridiculous, and it is fair game.”

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