Report: America’s Foreign-Born Population Is Zooming Upwards

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The foreign-born population in the U.S. will explode from already record levels of 42.4 million, up to almost 80 million, in just 45 years, according to new report released by the Senate’s subcommittee on immigration and the national interest.

The additional 35.8 million migrants, plus untold millions of illegal aliens along with their anchor babies, will make the United States unrecognizable.

The non-stop tsunami of migrants, many of which are simply looking for a safe country to get a job and send money to poverty-stricken families back home, will wreak havoc on the nation’s infrastructure and enrich corporations while ordinary Americans continue to see a drop in their quality of life, as the subcommittee notes:

Census data shows the U.S. will add the population equivalent of 1 new city of Los Angeles exclusively through new immigration every three years. Including the future children of new arrivals, Pew data shows new immigration will add the equivalent of 25 cities of Los Angeles over the next fifty years – even as today’s excess labor supply pulls down wages, as manufacturing jobs go overseas, and as automation reduces demand for workers. Nearly one in four U.S. residents in their prime-working years is not working; median household income today is more than $4,000 beneath levels reached fifteen years ago.

By a nearly 10:1 margin, Americans of all backgrounds agree that companies should raise wages instead of importing new foreign labor. Yet, the Gang of Eight bill would have radically accelerated the already-colossal and historic flow of foreign labor by tripling the issuance of green cards over the next ten years and doubling the flow of foreign workers. And the recently-passed omnibus funded a large refugee expansion and dramatically increased the inflow of H-2B workers to fill blue-collar jobs.

A stark chart illustrates the demographic bomb that the elite is dropping on struggling American families:




Over 78 million foreigners in the U.S. deliberately imported by Democrats and the GOP establishment.

That’s over eight and a half times the size of the Western Allied invasion of Germany and Nazi Germany’s Operation Barbarossa — combined.

Fifty years after the U.S. passed the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965, which slashed almost all immigration from Europe in favor of migrants from the Third World — and introduced chain migration, ripping control from voters and giving it to foreigners — Americans and descendants of post-1965 immigrants are aghast at the results of elites’ political experiment.

Pew Research found half of all U.S. adults believe immigrants hurt the economy while driving up crime. While the media works tirelessly to cover it up, immigrants from backwards target American women and children for countless grisly sex crimes and Americans know in their guts their rulers don’t their share their interests, i.e. not being raped at knifepoint in a back alley.

Furthermore, Rasmussen found 49 percent of Americans think that Muslims across the world hate the United States of America, yet the U.S. continues to import them by the hundreds of thousands after, to cite just one example of Islamic violence, only 19 of them brought down the World Trade Centers in 2001 with hijacked jets and embroiled the U.S. in multi-trillion wars.

The Census estimates that by 2060, one-fifth of all Americans will be foreign-born, while non-Hispanic whites will suffer a population drop of 16 million in that short timeframe. Elites like media personality and Muslim immigrant Fareed Zakaria — himself a huge beneficiary of Ted Kennedy’s law and a holder of U.S. citizenship since 2001 — do a happy dance on the graves of America as they demand Americans smash their heritage and laws to better fit globalists’ needs.

Mass immigration from the Third World is crippling the economy, as Breitbart News reported in July: 36 percent of Americans as old as 24 will never be hired at all. Every single job created from 2000 to 2014 went to the foreign-born population. Student loan debt stands at over one trillion dollars while Republicans like House Speaker Rep. Paul Ryan betray America, table voters’ control over immigration levels, and flood the job market with wage-cutting, tax-raising migrants.

The Associated Press calls this “global competition,” which translates from Newspeak into bringing the globe’s population into the U.S. to fight Americans for jobs.

No wonder immigration has become a lightning rod in the 2016 election season: Americans of every subgroups and income-level overwhelmingly demand businesses raise wages instead of hiring foreign migrants and they want current levels of immigration ratcheted down.

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