D.C. Taxpayers Fund Laundry Service for Poor Migrants

An estimated $15 million has been spent by Washington, DC, residents to provide hotels, meals, laundry, English classes, and security to roughly 1,300 illegal migrants who have been welcomed by President Joe Biden and the city’s Democratic government.

WASHINGTON DC - APRIL 18, 2023 Migrants gather after arriving on a bus from Arizona in Washington, DC on April 18, 2023. Many of the buses were sent to the nation's capital as political stunts by Republican governors in Florida and Texas. Families of migrants, many bused into the nation's …

Sri Lankans Begin Flooding India in Burgeoning Migration Wave

At least six people arrived illegally in India’s Tamil Nadu state on Wednesday after traveling there by boat from Sri Lanka, an island nation located 34 miles off India’s southern coast at its shortest distance, the Hindustan Times reported on Thursday, noting that the incident was indicative of a growing migration wave as dozens of Sri Lankans have fled the financially troubled country for India since its economy effectively collapsed in March.

Drivers are waiting in long queues at an Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) filling station in Colombo, Sri Lanka on July 02, 2022. (Photo by Pradeep Dambarage/NurPhoto via Getty Images)