David Bossie: Richard Shelby Must Go

From: Jonathan McConnell for Senate

There is a primary election for United States Senate brewing in Alabama which all conservatives, including all Trump, Cruz and Carson supporters, should focus on.

As President of Citizens United Political Victory Fund, I am proud to endorse Iraq War veteran and small business owner Jonathan McConnell against career Washington politician Richard Shelby.

Captain McConnell is a true conservative change agent who will be a breath of fresh air in a United States Senate that is overflowing with stale ideas and outdated big-spending politicians. Over the 37 years Richard Shelby has been in Washington, he has presided over the out of control federal spending habits that has resulted in our suffocating and growing $19 trillion national debt.

The highly respected Almanac of American Politics remarked that: “…the issue for which [Shelby] may be best known at home is spending. Adept at securing federal funds, he has five buildings…named for him.” America needs a new generation of conservative leaders like Jonathan McConnell who will join Senator Ted Cruz and others in challenging the failed status quo in Washington. America is near insolvency and big spending politicians like Richard Shelby no longer have a place in the U.S. Senate. Senator Shelby is part of the problem in Washington. He is a leader in the gang of career politicians responsible for spending America to the brink of fiscal calamity.

Alabamians need a senator who has the stamina to stand up to the reckless Obama-Clinton agenda for all six years of the term, not just during an election cycle. Jonathan McConnell is that conservative candidate.

Career politician Richard Shelby had no problem voting to confirm Hillary Clinton and John Kerry as Secretary of State as well as liberals Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Stephen Breyer to the U.S. Supreme Court. These four examples are just the tip of the iceberg in Shelby’s long voting record. The mindset of entrenched politicians is what so desperately needs to be swept out of Washington, D.C.

Alabama holds its primary for president and U.S. Senate on the same day – just 50 days from now.

Anti-establishment, anti-Washington candidates Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are set to dominate in that primary election at the presidential level. Dr. Carson also has a good deal of support. If you are an Alabama resident planning to vote for any of these three anti-establishment candidates for president, it is imperative that you also vote for fellow change agent Jonathan McConnell for United States Senate.

Richard Shelby has shown no interest in stopping the Washington spend-o-rama and getting American back on the right financial track. Senator Shelby comes from a different era of politics and just doesn’t understand the urgency of the situation.

So, it’s time for Richard Shelby to go. At 81 years of age and five terms in the Senate his time has passed. Our country needs fresh ideas and new conservative leadership to solve the serious problems America faces today. Send Washington a message and support Jonathan McConnell for U.S. Senate in the Alabama primary on March 1.


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