Bush In GOP Debate: A Mistake On a Background Check Is Not a Loophole

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During the January 14 GOP Debate, presidential hopeful Jeb Bush addressed alleged Charleston gunman Dylann Roof’s acquisition of a firearm by pointing out that the FBI admitted it make a mistake on Roof’s background check, but a mistake is not a loophole.

Breitbart News previously reported that Moms Demand Action and other Michael Bloomberg-funded gun control groups have tried to say Roof acquired his gun through a loophole but such is not the case. FBI Director James Comey has made it clear that Roof acquired his gun because of a clerical “error.”

The error was that an FBI background check reviewer searched records at the Lexington Police Department instead of the Columbia Police Department, and thereby missed the felony charge that would have barred Roof from gun possession.

Moms Demand, Bloomberg, and others claim this is a “loophole” that must be addressed with more legislation.

During the GOP Debate Bush said, “Look, here’s the deal, on this particular case the FBI made a mistake. The law requires a background check but they didn’t fulfill their part of the bargain within the time that they were supposed to do. We don’t need to add new rules, we need to be sure the FBI does its job.”

Bush then contrasted his view with that of the Democrats, saying:

The first impulse of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton is to take rights away from law-abiding citizens. That’s always what they do. Whether it’s the San Bernardino terrorist attack or these tragedies that take place. I think we need to focus on what the bigger issue is. It isn’t law-abiding gun owners. Look, I have an A+ rating with the NRA and we also have a reduction in gun violence because in Florida if you commit a crime with a gun you’re going away–you’re going away for a long while.

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