Ted Cruz: Donald Trump ‘Supports Crony Capitalism’; Establishment Pick

Ted Cruz in NH AP

In an interview with BuzzFeed, Ted Cruz says Donald Trump represents crony capitalism:

Ted Cruz dismissed Iowa governor Terry Branstad’s opposition to his campaign on Tuesday, implying that Branstad is part of the same “cronyism” establishment as Donald Trump.

“It is not a surprise that the establishment is in full panic mode,” Cruz told BuzzFeed News in an interview on his campaign bus. “We predicted from the very beginning that the Washington cartel would fire every tool in its arsenal to prevent a conservative victory in this primary.”

“The cartel exists to make deals and to pick winners and losers through cronyism and corporate welfare,” Cruz told BuzzFeed News. “And so it’s no surprise that more and more of the establishment is beginning to support Donald Trump. Because Donald has promised to make deals and to continue the cronyism and corporate welfare of Washington. That’s what the cartel does. They make deals with Democrats.”

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