Comcast Demands NRA Remove Gun Images From Great American Outdoor Show Ads

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Comcast is demanding the NRA remove images of guns from the two television ads that have been submitted for the Great American Outdoor Show (GAOS).

The ads–one titled “Family” and the other “Exhibitors”–include images of firearms that are on the screen for a split-second. After all, GAOS is a show for fans of “shooting, fishing, and camping.” For this reason, images of tents, large game, fish, and rods and reels are interspersed with the firearm images.

According to the Washington Examiner, after the NRA submitted the ads to Comcast they received an email which said, “Both ads submitted yesterday entitled [Family & Exhibitors] will need to remove any and all images of rifles, shooting ranges, and handguns, when this is complete our MCC [control center] department and legal department will evaluate for approval.”

At one point, the “Family” ad flashes a split-second scene of a father helping his son learn how to hold a bolt action rifle.

NRA spokesman Kyle Jillson responded to Comcast’s demands by saying the NRA has no plans to alter the ads now.

Jillson said: “We designed an ad campaign to depict the events, activities, and sights people could expect to see at the Great American Outdoor Show. To remove a crucial aspect of the show from our ads would be a major disservice to people who may be interested in attending. We do not have plans to alter the ads at this time.”

The GAOS is held in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, where Democrat Mayor Eric Papenfuse has already withdrawn police security as a way of showing his disapproval of the NRA. Speaking with Breitbart News, the NRA said Papenfuse demanded they pay the city $50,000 a year for five years–for a total of $250,000–on top of the fees they would be required to pay for use of the police force.

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