Ben Carson: Need ‘Cyber Space Race’ for the 21st Century

Ben Carson in purple AP

GOP presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson is calling for a “cyber space race.”

The retired neurosurgeon released his “Prescription for Winning the 21st Century Cyberspace Race” – a plan “to create a national drive for cyber security and innovation” on Monday.

“We need a new space race for the 21st century; a cyber space race,“ Carson stated.

When President Kennedy said he’d land an American on the moon, it brought together every part of America, from ordinary citizens to the highest levels of government. That is the kind of effort we need to drive American cyber leadership. My plan to unify cybersecurity efforts behind a National Cyber Security Administration will bring more accountability and efficiency to our government’s cyber initiatives. There is no challenge too great when ‘We the People’ set our minds to a solution. We must turn our attention to securing America’s cyber leadership for generations to come.

According to Carson’s press release, his plan is “built around the consolidation of federal efforts and private partnerships into a new National Cyber Security Administration (NCSA).”

He says his administration would “streamline existing programs, consolidate efforts and eliminate stovepipes that hinder cooperation.”

His press release adds:

With estimates that internet traffic will soon eclipse a zettabyte, earning more than $1 trillion annually for the American economy, the need to secure U.S. interests online is more urgent now than ever. Recent hacks of personal data, sensitive weapons plans and the Ukrainian electrical grid demonstrate just how vulnerable we are. Dr. Carson’s plan will put this issue in the forefront, educating and empowering the American people and their government to respond to cyber threats forcefully and effectively.

Carson’s cyber plan comes just one week before the Iowa caucus, where he is ranked fourth, according to Real Clear Politics.


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