Hillary Brings In Bill To Make Final Pitch in Iowa

CEDAR RAPIDS, IA - JANUARY 30: Democratic presidential candidate former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speaks during a "get out to caucus" event at Washington High School on January 30, 2016 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. With two days to go before the Iowa caucuses, Hillary Clinton is campaigning throughout Iowa. …

Hillary Clinton is joining with husband Bill and daughter Chelsea for her final stand in Iowa the night before the Monday caucus.

Clinton is running neck-in-neck in Iowa with Bernie Sanders, who has pulled to within the margin of error in both the Iowa State University/WHO-HD poll and also the final Des Moines Register poll.

Sanders held a concert Saturday night in the college town of Iowa City with the band Vampire Weekend. Bill Clinton was in Iowa City Sunday at a smaller event.

Clinton’s campaign again sucked up to President Obama in hyping the Sunday night event featuring all three Clintons at Abraham Lincoln High School in Des Moines, beginning at 6:30 PM Central Time.

“Hillary is the fighter Democrats can trust to stand up to a Republican party that threatens to rip away the progress that’s been made during President Obama’s Administration. She has spent her career fighting for children and families and as President she’ll continue to get results,” the campaign stated on its website.

Clinton is battling fallout from the revelation that 22 highly classified emails were found by investigators on her unsecure home-built email server that she used for personal business and the nation’s business while holding the job of Secretary of State.


Sanders has a 27-point lead over Clinton in New Hampshire, according to a recent poll, and could also run competitively against Clinton with black voters in South Carolina, making Iowa a must-win for Clinton.


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