Trump: ‘Ted Cruz is a Total Liar’

Sunday on ABC’s “This Week,” Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said his rival Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) is a “total liar” for saying his healthcare proposal is the same as Obamacare.

Host George Stephanopoulos asked, “Ted Cruz is saying a vote for Trump is a vote for Obamacare. saying in the last few months, you’re for single payer government-run health insurance…On that Obamacare issue, right there, he’s saying, because you want the government to pay for everyone to have health care, that just like Obamacare?”

Trump said, “Look, Ted Cruz is a total liar. I’m so against ObamaCare. I’ve been saying it for two years. I’m going the repeal and replace ObamaCare. I don’t know where he gets this. He didn’t put down on his financial disclosure forms that he borrowed money from banks at low-interest loans. Lower than you or anybody can get. He’s got favorable deals from the banks on Wall Street. He never put it down. Ted is a liar. This is why nobody likes him. This is why he doesn’t have one endorsement from one senator. Not one. He works with them. He doesn’t have one endorsement.”

Stephanopoulos asked, “Any senators endorsed you yet?’

Trump shot back, “They will be very soon … We have tremendous endorsements, Jerry Falwell Jr.just endorsed me. Every candidate goes through Liberty University. That’s problem one of the reasons I went so high with evangelicals. Sheriff Joe from Arizona, the toughest guy on the border, the toughest there is on the border just endorsed me. I have great endorsements. Many more are coming.”

Stephanopoulos said, “You say Ted Cruz is a liar. You have said you want everyone to be covered on health care and the government will pay for it. How is that not ObamaCare?”

Trump said, “That’s true. I want people taken care of. I have a heart. I want people taken care of. If people have no money, we have to help them. That doesn’t mean single payer. It means we have to help people. If somebody has no money and they’re lying in the middle of the street and dying…”

Stephanopoulos interjected, “How do you do it?”

Trump said “We’ll work with the hospitals, doctors, we’ve got to do something. You can’t have a small percentage of our economy have no protection so they end up dying from what you could have a simple procedure or a pill. You can’t do that. I’ll work something out. That doesn’t mean single payer. Maybe he’s got no heart. If I lose an election, that’s fine. Because frankly, we have to take care of the people in our country. We can’t let them die on the side walks of New York or Iowa or anywhere else. so — but that’s not single payer. As far as Obamacare is concerned. One of the staples of my speech, you can ask my supporters, it’s repeal and replace ObamaCare. The premiums are going up, 25 percent, 30 percent, 40 percent. It’s an outrage. It will probably fail on its own unless the Republicans renew it by ’17. A whole staple of my campaign is getting rid of ObamaCare and replacing it.”

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