Thanks Mom: Barbara Bush Packs The House For Jeb

barb Bush AP

Former First Lady Barbara Bush appeared at a political rally for her son Jeb Bush, packing the house for the third member of her family to run for president.

Bush’s mother, who is 90, entered the gym with her son with the assistance of her stroller walker before praising him as the “nicest, wisest, most carrying, loyal, disciplined” candidate in the race, according to the Boston Globe.

“Wow. Mom, my crowd sizes normally are not this large. I wonder why,” Bush said, speaking the audience after his mother.

In an interview with Morning Joe this morning, Jeb Bush confirmed that his mom would do another event in New Hampshire before she returned to Texas.

“I’m blessed that they’re alive,” Bush said of his parents in the interview, commenting on the joys of having his mom campaign on the trail.

“Today it’s snowing … now I’m worried about whether she’s going to slip or not,” he added. “I’ll just be right behind her making sure that she doesn’t.”

On CBS morning, Barbara Bush explained that she was not looking to fight with Donald Trump, even though she pointed out that Trump was “endorsed” by “Putin the killer.”

“I’m not getting in a spitting match with him, he can spit farther than I can,” she said.


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