AP’s Pace: Hillary Is ‘Most Vulnerable’ on Wall Street Speaking Fees

On “Fox News Sunday” White House Correspondent for The Associated Press, Julie Pace said Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is “most vulnerable,”  over her big speaking fees and millions of dollars in campaign contributions from Wall Street.

Partial transcript as follows:

PACE: I think it’s where she’s most vulnerable. I think put the e- mails aside. I know that everyone wants to talk about that. I think opinions on that are baked in. But she doesn’t have a good answer on why she accepted the money for these speaking fees, I think in part because there isn’t a great answer. It was widely expected that she would run for president and she still went to these banks. We haven’t seen what she said when she spoke to Wall Street executives. And every time that Bernie Sanders brings that up, it reinforces a narrative about her, but also a narrative about him.

WALLACE: Do — do you think because it came up in the debate whether she would release the transcripts — and I love that her pollsters said I don’t think voters are interested, like he’s going to decide what voters are interested in — do you think she can make that stick, not release those transcripts?

PACE: I think that now that the question that has been asked, I think that it becomes a lot harder for her to not release them. At the same time, we have no idea what’s in those speeches, so there could be a reason why they don’t want to release them.”

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