Breitbart News Daily: Gary Kaltbaum Explains How Zero-Interest Policies Screw the Middle Class

Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Many Americans may not know her name, but Gary Kaltbaum appeared on Breitbart News Thursday to explain why Federal Reserve chairwoman Janet Yellen is the most important woman in our lives.

“Janet Yellen is able to move the purse strings around in ways unimaginable,” said Kaltbaum. “Keep in mind, this started with Ben Bernanke, who decided to go with this grand experiment of zero percent interest rates, and the printing of trillions of dollars, which led to Janet Yellen.”

Kaltbaum charged Bernanke’s money-manipulation policies with causing the housing market bubble and crash, leading in turn to the desperate bank bailouts of 2008. That meant big money for big bankers… and the “screwing of the average American.”

That’s because average Americans find it difficult to earn money through savings in a zero-interest environment.  

As Breitbart News host Stephen K. Bannon pointed out, the current fiscal environment punishes people for saving money, and rewards them for piling up huge amounts of debt at low interest rates – precisely the opposite of how we have traditionally been taught to handle our money. The punishment comes from not only failing to reward savers with decent interest on their accounts, but actually reducing the value of the money they have saved over time. Not only is the small depositor earning virtually no interest from his savings account, but money-printing federal policies cause the dollars in that account to be worth less when he withdraws them later, like food mysteriously spoiling in a deep-freeze.

“The riskless income investor was taken away and was given to the banks,” said Kaltbaum. “It was gifted to the banks, and that’s why the banks have done better over the last few years.”

Few politicians see political gain in railing against this state of affairs, including the socialists from the ostensible Party of the Little Guy. “The Democratic Party is not for the middle class and poor,” said Kaltbaum. “They’re for the middle class and poor’s votes. Go look at all their policies. Just recently, Barack Obama is proposing a ten percent tax on oil companies, where everybody knows it’s gonna be flushed down into the consumer. Who gets hit the worst? The poor and the middle class.”

“But nobody says anything,” he sighed. “This is about currying votes… keep marketing to these people that you’re the end-all and be-all. You’re going to do this, that, and the other thing for them. But they end up doing nothing for nobody, except themselves, and their own power base.”

Kaltbaum saw little hope of a popular revolt against these exploitative policies until the masses have been properly educated in economics – an education they will never receive from a mass media with the Democrat Party’s political interests at heart, and a natural tendency to revere big, splashy, centrally-planned “solutions” to the nation’s problems.

In an interconnected global economy, the world’s problems become America’s problems, too. While the coming financial implosion of China is seen as both a financial and national-security threat by almost every U.S. government agency, Kaltbaum said the even worse news is that America’s fiscal situation is more troubling than China’s.

“We are the country that’s $20 trillion in debt,” he warned. “We are the country that has papered over this with $5 trillion in printed money, and zero percent interest rates. We are the country where taxes, and mandates, and regulations are going up, and government is taking over our life.”

“It’s a combination of China, and Europe, and its socialist states and their massive debt, and our country – which has gone from a great, market-based, free market economy into something that is controlled by these big, power-hungry, power-centric maniacs” that present a looming crisis for the American taxpayer… which, of course, will also be forced to clean up the wreckage afterward, and pick up the tab for the failures of their political elites.

Bannon noted that Janet Yellen wasn’t prepared to say that even a lunatic policy like Japan’s negative interest rates would be beyond her authority. “I’ve got news for you – even if it’s illegal, they’ll make it legal anyway,” Kaltbaum agreed, citing President Obama’s abuse of executive power as precedent.

“Anything is possible at this point in time,” he concluded. “As the markets go lower, we’re going to see more acts of desperation, and they’re going to try to come up with things that, in our lifetimes, we would never even dream would occur. And I suspect negative interest rates will probably be a part of it.”



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