Police Discover, Arrest NYC Pistol License Holder Who Stockpiled ‘45,000 Rounds of Ammunition’


On February 9 police discovered a stockpile of licensed handguns and rifles and “45,000 rounds of ammunition” and arrested the gun owner while conducting an “administrative pistol licensee review.”

The gun owner–33-year-old Guo Shou–is “accused of amassing enough deadly weapons and ammo to take on a small army.”

According to the New York Post, Shou lives in a one bedroom apartment in Queens. While doing the review for pistol license holders, police found “14 licensed handguns​; two loaded, licensed shotguns​; one licensed rifle​.” They also discovered “approximately 45,000 rounds of ammunition for a variety of weapons​; 225 pounds of smokeless gun powder stored in various containers and open to view​;​ unassembled parts for an AR-10 and AR-15 assault rifles, three high-capacity magazines — one fully loaded with 20 rounds and each capable of holding in excess of ten rounds of .308 caliber ammunition — two Kevlar body armor vests, six Kevlar armor plates, one ammunition press, numerous primers, empty cartridges, and several other devices and components related to weapons ammunition.”

Shou’s apartment is located “less than two blocks away from an elementary school.”

Queens District Attorney Richard Brown commented:

The defendant is accused of turning his apartment into an arsenal by stockpiling deadly weapons and ammunition – all laying in plain sight and unsecured. It is extremely disturbing to find such a lethal arsenal of this magnitude in a residential community – especially one less than two blocks from an elementary school.

Shou’s first court date is scheduled for February 24. He faces “up to seven years” if convicted.

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