Gun Control Groups Pivot, Look To Bloomberg For White House Win

REUTERS/Brendan McDermid
REUTERS/Brendan McDermid

The results of New Hampshire–resounding wins for Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump–have some gun control groups pivoting from away from Hillary Clinton and hoping Michael Bloomberg will step in to win the day for their side.

Gun control groups–Connecticut Against Gun Violence (CAGV), Newtown Action Alliance, and others–want to be sure a candidate who supports gun control wins the White House, and Clinton’s current performance does not inspire their confidence.

According to CT Post, “Clinton’s stumble” has the potential of shifting political alliances. CAGV executive director Ron Pinciaro said, “Of course, Bloomberg has been very helpful on our issue, and we would see (his possible candidacy) as a good thing.” But Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT)–a staunch Clinton supporter–urged the gun control groups not to switch to their loyalties too quick.

Blumenthal said:

I have deep admiration for Michael Bloomberg’s eloquent advocacy on this issue, but I think Hillary Clinton has demonstrated over many years her equal passion and fervor. My hope is that no candidate owns this issue and that they are all on the right side with the same passion and commitment, and that it becomes a defining issue between the Democrat and Republican candidates, not among the candidates on our side.

Yet gun control groups are already choosing between candidates on the Democrat side. Newtown Action Alliance chairwoman Po Murray had already made clear that her group believes Hillary will “go toe-to-toe with the NRA,” but they don’t trust Sanders to do the same. And Sanders’ 2005 vote for the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act has cast a shadow over his campaign in the minds of many of gun control groups throughout the primary cycle–even prior to his win in New Hampshire.

Now that Sanders has demonstrated a clear ability to defeat Clinton, gun control groups are pivoting to find a way to protect their interests. That pivot puts Bloomberg front and center.

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