EXCLUSIVE – Ann Coulter Blasts Weak GOP Governors: Scalia Said ‘States Have the Right to Protect Their Borders Against Foreign Nationals’

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images
Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Ann Coulter is blasting weak Republican governors who claim they have no power to resist the settlement of refugees in their states.

“It’s amazing that the plutocrats are so powerful in America today that governors are willing to give up one of their own most fundamental powers — the power to exclude — in order to keep funneling cheap labor to the wealthy. Amazing,” she tells Breitbart News in an exclusive statement.

“All these Republican governors who pretend they LOVED Justice Scalia ought to be held at gunpoint and forced to read — assuming they can read — Scalia’s concurrence in Arizona v. United States, where he goes through several centuries of law on a STATE’S power to exclude immigrants,” she adds.

In that concurrence, Justice Scalia wrote:

Though it may upset foreign powers — and even when the Federal Government desperately wants to avoid upsetting foreign powers — the States have the right to protect their borders against foreign nationals, just as they have the right to execute foreign nationals for murder.

“Most elected Republicans have absolutely zero respect for Scalia, our Constitution, our history, our country – they just want to keep the third world immigration/transformation of the United States going,” Coulter concluded.

On Tuesday, Republican state legislators in Tennessee passed a resolution in committee that moved the Volunteer State one step closer to filing a lawsuit against the federal government to stop the refugee resettlement program within its borders on Tenth Amendment grounds.

Though Republican Governor Bill Haslam has waffled on whether he will file the lawsuit, the Tennessee General Assembly has the legal right to do so and has clearly indicated that it will if the governor fails to act.

In South Carolina, which will be holding its GOP presidential primary on Saturday, Governor Nikki Haley, who endorsed Sen. Marco Rubio this week, is being sued  by citizens of the state for her failure to do anything to stop the influx of Muslim refugees brought into the Palmetto State under the U.S. Refugee Resettlement program.


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