EXCLUSIVE – Paula Jones: Bill Clinton Persisted After Initial Assault, ‘He’s Got A Problem’


Paula Jones, the former Arkansas state employee who sued President Bill Clinton for sexual harassment, says that the former president and his surrogates repeatedly propositioned her after their infamous initial encounter.

Jones made the statements in an interview on Monday with Breitbart senior investigative reporter and Jerusalem bureau chief Aaron Klein. The interview aired exclusively on Breitbart News Daily, the radio program hosted by Breitbart News Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon.

The public largely thinks that Jones’ personal encounter with Clinton began and ended on May 8, 1991, when Clinton was Governor of Arkansas and Jones was a state employee. A frequent worker in the state’s capital building, Jones has said that she was singled out that day by Clinton, and was escorted to the politician’s room in the Excelsior Hotel in Little Rock, Arkansas. There the future president allegedly groped and exposed himself to her. She says she rejected his advances and bolted the room.

Speaking to Klein, Jones now recounts being propositioned two more times after that initial incident – once by Clinton himself, and a second time by a state trooper purportedly acting on Clinton’s behalf.  The encounter with Clinton involved touching and “squeezing,” Jones stated.  The encounter with the trooper, Jones revealed, included a request for meetings while Hillary was out of town.

Jones’s assertions seem to be part of an emerging theme coming from Clinton’s sex assault accusers. In an exclusive interview with Klein last month, Clinton rape accuser Juanita Broaddrick charged for the first time that within a few weeks after he allegedly raped her in 1978, Clinton started to call her repeatedly with the aim of meeting again. Broaddrick said that Clinton called the nursing home where she worked on numerous occasions throughout the next six months.

Now Jones is telling a similar story. “He’s got a problem. He really does,” Jones said in the Breitbart radio interview. “And I don’t know if he has taken care of it or if he’s gotten counseling for it or whatever, but he’s got a problem.

“It’s almost like he says, ‘I’m in power here, and I’m going to do everything I can to make this happen the way I want it to go.’ And to me that’s kind of like how it was. He’s going to keep trying and hoping, and keep trying to lure me into I guess doing what he wanted me to do with him.”

Listen to Klein’s Breitbart News Daily interview with Jones here:

Encounter #2 – “Don’t we look like beauty and the beast?”

After the initial alleged assault at the Excelsior Hotel, Jones says Clinton spotted her in the governor’s office two or three weeks later. He put his arm around her and “he squeezed me real hard. Our sides were touching.” The encounter, she said, ended with a joke about Beauty and the Beast.

She told Klein:

My regular job was to go twice a day from the Industrial Development Commission over to the governor’s office and deliver mail or pick up mail. So that was in my daily routine every day to go into the governor’s office. So one of the times after the incident happened at the hotel, I was going to go the treasurer’s office to receive payroll checks to take over to my office.

That’s when she says she was spotted by Clinton, who was being escorted by a state trooper through the rotunda of the Arkansas State Capital building.

I was walking towards the rotunda area because that was where the treasurer’s office was and they come walking in the front door of the state capital and instead of going to the direction of where they were coming from…he goes around the front of the rotunda ’cause he saw me, and came over to me. And of course was laughing and giggling. And he said, ‘You look great.’ And he liked my outfit that I had on, and he hugged me side to side. He squeezed me real hard. Our sides were touching. He looked at the state police[man] and he said, ‘Don’t we look like Beauty and the Beast.’ And in my shock I didn’t know what to say other than, ‘You don’t look like the beast.’ ’’

This incident was briefly mentioned in Jones’ May 6, 1994, complaint against Clinton, but it received little news media attention.

Jones went on to reveal a third encounter to Klein, one that she says is not known publicly.

Encounter #3 – “Hillary is out of town a lot on business.”

During about the same time period, Jones says she was coming into the capital building when she was stopped by another state trooper who was deployed in the building.

She recalled:

I went into the governor’s office to give them their papers. When I started walking back out, someone came out right behind me, so I turned and looked and he goes, “Hey Paula.” And it was another state trooper… He says, “Paula, the governor wants to know if you have a regular boyfriend.” And I said, “Yes, I live with him.” I lived with my boyfriend. We were going to get married at the time, so eventually he was my finance …

He said, “Well, Bill was wanting to know if maybe you might want to meet with him sometime because Hillary is out of town a lot on business.”

Jones said she replied by telling the state trooper “Absolutely no. I’m living with my boyfriend and I’m not interested.”

“He asked me to kiss it”

In an interview that aired on Klein’s Sunday night talk radio program last month, Jones recounted the details of the alleged initial sexual assault incident at the Excelsior Hotel, where the future president not only allegedly groped and exposed himself to her, but Jones said Clinton also implicitly threatened her to remain silent about the events.

Listen to Part 1 of Klein’s January interview with Jones.

“I didn’t have any idea that anything was going to go wrong,” she said. “There were couches and tables, it wasn’t like a regular hotel room with a bed.”

Jones described what she says transpired after she and Clinton engaged in some small talk, when she says he “proceeded real casually to lean up against the chair, and… coming up toward me.” He complimented her on her long hair, “and I thought, ‘Oh wow, this was already happening.’ ”

She continued:

What do I do here? Do I get out? What do I do? So I walked over to the windowsill, and I was looking out to the river, because we were right about near the river. And I thought, ‘you know, I need to talk to him, get a distraction here.’ And I was looking right over the river and I was talking about that. And he came over there and he proceeded to make faces at me; then he started doing it again.

“And he pulled me kind of towards him and told me things, and then he started kind of groping me. And then I pulled away immediately and I walked toward the door. I didn’t know what I was going to do. I just knew that I needed to get out of the situation. I started talking about everything and anything to get the attention of off what was going on.

“So I did that.  Then he got a little closer to the door couches, and we were talking about maybe political stuff or whatever. Because we had nothing in common. Nothing we could possibly talk about….

“And the next thing you know he pulls down his pants. He sat on the couch and he was fondling himself and he asked me to kiss it.

“Umm, he asked you to kiss it,” said Klein. “So what did you do?”

Listen to Part 2 of Klein’s January interview with Jones.

Jones recounted:

I jumped up. Because I was leaning, like on the side of the couch arm, with his arm on it. I was kind of leaning up against that. And I jumped over and said, ‘No, I’m not that kind of a girl. And I need to be leaving immediately.’ So of course he was embarrassed. He turned red. He pulled his pants up.  And I went up to the door and was trying to get out. And he momentarily put his hand on the door so I couldn’t completely get it opened. And he said, ‘You’re smart. Let’s keep this between ourselves.’

Asked whether she took Clinton’s alleged remark as a threat, Jones answered, “Yeah. Yeah. He said ‘don’t tell nobody.’ Well of course he didn’t want nobody to know.”

Jones said the room was protected by a state trooper, and that when she exited, the state trooper had a smirk on his face.

The lawsuit Jones brought against Clinton “almost brought down the president,” according to the Daily Mail.

The paper recounts the tumultuous court saga:

It wasn’t until two years [after the incident], in 1993, when former Clinton bodyguards spoke in a magazine interview about escorting a woman called ‘Paula’ to his room in May 1991 that she was advised to go public. She hired a lawyer, and in 1994 sued Clinton and asked for $700,000 in damages, claiming she suffered emotional trauma.

Clinton denied the claims, or even that he had met Jones. He dismissed her as an opportunist out for money and to damage him politically. He asked that the civil suit be put off until he left the White House, but in January 1997 an appeals court ruled the trial should go ahead.

A year later Judge Susan Webber Wright tossed out Jones’s case saying she had not suffered any damages. She ruled that even if Clinton’s behavior had been ‘boorish and offensive’ it did not amount to sexual harassment under the law. Jones appealed and the Supreme Court reinstated her case leading to the unprecedented step of President Clinton being forced to make a deposition.

While working on the Paula Jones investigation, independent prosecutor Kenneth Starr uncovered Clinton’s alleged affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky. It was the president’s original statement to lawyers for Jones that almost led to his downfall – he denied any improper relationship with Lewinsky, which was found to be untrue. Having been accused of perjury, charges were drawn up and impeachment proceedings begun.

Although Democratic leaders preferred to censure the president, Congress began the impeachment process against Clinton in December 1998. A divided House of Representatives impeached him on December 19, and the issue then passed to the Senate, where after a five-week trial, he was acquitted. Clinton survived the political fallout what became known as the “Lewinsky affair.” His marriage to Hillary also survived.

By the time Lewinsky was headline news, Jones had already reached an out of court settlement with the President.

Listen to Part 3 of Klein’s January interview with Jones.

‘Liar’ Hillary Owes Me An Apology

During the same January interview, Jones also sounded off about Hillary Clinton, demanding that Hillary personally apologize for “allowing” her husband to “abuse” and “sexually harass” women.

Jones slammed Hillary as a “two-faced liar” who waged a war on women by trying to discredit “predator” Bill’s sexual accusers.

“And how dare her. You know what? She don’t care nothing about women. Because if she did she would believe what I had to say. She would believe what the other women had to say.”

Jones further accused the media of practicing a double standard by “protecting” the Clintons while deservedly scrutinizing Bill Cosby’s alleged sexual assaults.

“It’s really a sad, sad day if Hillary becomes president, because she has allowed her husband to get by with this type of stuff,” said Jones. “Why does he have a right to be back in the White House, the people’s house? Why is he allowed to be back there with the track record that he has and his wife and the lying that she does and how she tried to discredit all of these women that her husband abused and sexually harassed?”

Jones slammed Hillary as “such a liar. And she’s so two faced. I never once was contacted by her. Not one time [did she] apologize about what her husband did to me.”

Those remarks prompted Klein to ask specifically whether Jones thinks Hillary owes her an apology. Jones replied that “she needs to do a public apology or something or other (for) all the women who have come out and said publicly what her husband did to them. Yes, she does. I believe she does.”

Klein asked Jones to respond to a recent Clinton campaign ad in which Hillary insisted all women must be sided with if they accuse men of sexual assault.

“You have the right to be heard,” Clinton said in the video, which she addressed to “every survivor of sexual assault,” adding, “You have the right to be believed. We’re with you.”

A furious Jones said Clinton “needs to support all of us, and she needs to believe all of us, if she says she believes women that claim sexual harassment have a right to be heard. You know I wasn’t. I didn’t have a right to be heard, obviously. I had to be scrutinized in the media, and I knew that I had God on my side. He knew what happened in the room. Bill Clinton knew what happened, and he was never going to admit to it. The state trooper. He knew just a little bit of what happened.  That was outside the door, you know.”

Double standard on Clinton, Cosby

Klein asked Jones why she thinks the news media largely ignore the serious accusations against Clinton – including rape and sexual harassment – pointing out the same media are rightly investigating the Cosby rape charges.

“It’s like they are indestructible,” Jones said of the Clintons. “There are so many people, I think, in the media, and so many people out there protecting them for whatever reason. I don’t know if they are scared of them, or what.”

“If Bill Cosby – I mean, even if what he did was somewhat different, he still abused these women sexually. And so did Bill Clinton. I’m not going to speak for all of them. But I know about me and what I heard about Kathleen Willey and different ones. I mean, he is a predator. I just don’t understand how he can get by with it.”

“And he is allowed to go out to speak and make millions and millions of dollars. And go to different universities and he’s asked to be a guest speaker at universities across this country. And go there and they look up to him. How could they look up to him with this on his record? How can anybody look up to him with this on his record? It makes no common sense to me whatsoever.”

War on women?

Klein’s show, broadcast on New York’s AM 970 The Answer and NewsTalk 990 AM, has become somewhat of a support center of sorts in which Bill’s female accusers tell their newly relevant stories.

In November, Juanita Broaddrick, the woman who famously accused Bill Clinton of rape and spoke out against Hillary’s candidacy, was a guest on Klein’s show.

“I think she has always known everything about him,” said Broaddrick. “I think they have this evil pact between the two of them that they each know what the other does, and [they] overlook it. And go right on. And cover one for the other,” she said.

Kathleen Willey was a Democratic activist who, along with her husband, Ed, founded Virginians for Clinton, which supported Bill Clinton’s successful 1992 White House bid.

Willey became a White House volunteer during Clinton’s first term. She says she was facing a tough financial situation, so she personally approached Bill about the possibility of a paid position. Instead of offering to help her, Willey says she became the victim of “nothing short of serious sexual harassment.”

Since Hillary’s campaign announcement in April, Willey has repeatedly appeared on Klein’s show to speak out against the Democratic front-runner.

“This woman wrote the book on terrorizing women, on terrorism,” Willey exclaimed in one of those interviews.

Willey refuses to watch as Hillary’s campaign accuses Republican candidates like Donald Trump of waging a so-called war on women.  In August, Willey announced the launch of a new anti-Hillary website called A Scandal a Day.  A section of the site asks women who may have been sexually assaulted by Bill Clinton to come forward.

Willey also wrote the forward to a recently released book by bestselling author Roger Stone, titled The Clintons’ War on Women.

Gennifer Flowers, who says she was Bill Clinton’s consensual mistress for more than 12 years, told Klein she fears a Hillary Clinton presidency. In her only interview since Clinton announced her candidacy, Flowers accused Hillary in October of being “an enabler that has encouraged him (Bill) to go out and do whatever he does with women.” Clinton admitted in a deposition to one sexual encounter with Flowers.



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