Donald Trump: Likely VP Choice Will be ‘Political Person’

Donald Trump speaks in Virginia Beach, Va., Wednesday, Feb. 24, 2016.
AP/Steve Helber

GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump says he would likely name a “political person” to be his running mate should he win the Republican nomination.

“I do want somebody that’s political because I want to get lots of great legislation, that we all want passed, that’s just sitting there — for years and years and years we’ve have things sitting there that would be so good. Including proper healthcare and other things,” Trump said during a conversation Wednesday with Pat Robertson at Regent University in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

“So we’re going to probably choose somebody that is somewhat political,” he added.

Trump noted, however, that the primary characteristic he is looking for in a running mate is somebody who would be a good president.

“The main quality that you want is somebody that could be a great president, if something happens to you, that’s got to be — don’t you think that’s got to be number one?” he asked rhetorically.

The business mogul added that the second quality he is looking to for in a running mate is the ability to help get things done in government.

“The most important thing is you have to have somebody who would be a great president, but after that you want somebody who can help you with legislation, getting it through, etc. etc. etc.” Trump said.

While he tipped his hand on some of the qualities he is looking for in a vice president, Trump said that he is most focused on winning the nomination in the first place.