EXCLUSIVE–Rep. Trent Franks: Donald Trump ‘Does Not Represent the Best the Republican Party Has to Offer’

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

Rep. Trent Franks (R-AZ) told Breitbart News that he believes that Donald Trump should be stopped, because he “does not represent the best the Republican Party has to offer.”

Earlier this week, Franks circulated a letter calling for either Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) or Sen. Ted Cruz to drop out of the race and have one of them challenge Trump, while the other could be vice president.

“If the two senators, Rubio and Cruz, join together and ascertain who is going to be at the top of the ticket and who is going to be the Vice Presidential candidate then I think the numbers are clear, that they will win,” Franks told Breitbart News.

When asked by Breitbart News whether Franks had spoken to either Cruz or Rubio’s campaign about the letter, Franks confirmed that he has had contact with them but chose only to say that the conversations were “positive.”

“There is no ill will on my part here for anyone,” Franks added. “I seek only what is best for my children and coming generations. And if these two senators would consider the reality carefully I think they will realize that if they join together they will win, if they don’t they will probably both fail.”

Franks told Breitbart News that he’s concerned that a Trump presidency wouldn’t be good for the Republican Party, and believes that a Rubio-Cruz ticket would have a better chance of winning the general election.
“I’m concerned that the party can start going in a lot of different directions that would not be in the best interest of the country,” Franks said of a possible Trump nomination.


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