Whoopi Goldberg: Trump Campaign Is ‘What a Beginning Dictatorship Looks Like’

Tuesday on ABC’s “The View,” while defending her threat to leave the country, co-host Whoopi Goldberg said the campaign of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is “what a beginning dictatorship looks like.”

Goldberg said, “I wouldn’t leave this country for him to piss all over for any reason. I’ve been here since the late 1700s. My family’s not going … So this is my country, and I do have something to say about it, and from time to time people piss me off and I think maybe I shouldn’t but you know what, I’m not going anywhere. None of us are going anywhere.”

Co-host Joy Behar said, “You know Whoopi, the truth of the matter is that we will be on the air — God forbid he should win, we will be on the air tormenting you. We will not be going anywhere.”

Goldberg replied, “I don’t know if he’ll love it because he just had a hard time the other day talking about the media. Talking about how he wanted to take on the newspapers and mess them up. You know, go after them because he doesn’t like it when they say things about him and any newspaper that says something he doesn’t like. He wants to be able to sue them and win and run them into the ground.”

Co-host Michelle Collins added, “He wants to change the libel laws to make it easier to sue the media … Open them up. By the way, that is a state issue, so he plans on going to each state. It’s not a national thing or federal thing and chaining these laws.

ABC legal correspondent Sunny Hostin said, “That’s what is fascinating about it because unless you’re on the Supreme Court, you can’t just open up the libel laws. It’s very clear that’s not the law.”

Goldberg said, “Unless you’re a dictator… But that’s how that happens, you know. The media, love them or hate them, it’s the last bastion of freedom. That’s one of the things that people talk about us, they want to be able to come here because they can say how they feel, say what they want. When someone like Donald Trump says this is what he wants to do with the media, it goes, click, and I remember that’s what they’re doing in the countries we’re fighting … no freedom of the press.”

Joy Behar said, “You want the constitution of North Korea? I don’t think so.”

Michelle Collins said, “Trump is telling us he’s going to be a dictator and people are still voting for him. He’s not making it a secret, he’s like I’m going to be a dictator and he is winning in the Republican race.”

Goldberg added, “Things got crazy in Georgia yesterday. Black Lives Matter protesters were ejected, and then a photographer trying to take some pictures was slammed to the ground by Secret Service in Virginia. I mean, is this what the — this is what a beginning dictatorship looks like.”

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