EXCLUSIVE – Insider at Mitt Romney Speech: ‘This Is Just Act One’

Mitt Romney smug (George Frey / Getty)
George Frey / Getty

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah — The host of Mitt Romney’s speech attacking Republican frontrunner Donald Trump on Thursday at the University of Utah told Breitbart News: “This is just Act One” for Mitt Romney.

Jason Perry, director of the Hinckley Institute of Politics at the University of Utah, told Breitbart News that he expected Romney’s speech would be the first in a series of steps in an attempt to derail Trump’s progress to the GOP nomination.

He predicted that Romney would take other actions leading up to the key winner-take-all primaries on March 15, such as Florida.

“When Mitt Romney does something, he never just does one thing,” said Perry, citing Romney’s reputation for thoroughness and preparation.

He added that while Romney had given him “no indication” that he intends to become a candidate for the presidency himself, “A lot of people in Salt Lake City and Utah are urging [Romney] to get into the race.”

Asked by Breitbart News whether failing to endorse a single alternative to Trump made it easier for Trump to divide the field and win, Perry merely agreed with the observation.

In his speech, Romney explicitly said that he was not announcing his candidacy, but encouraged voters to back whichever alternative to Trump was most popular in their particular state.


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