Trump: ‘I’m Really Very Conservative When You Get Right Down to It’

Monday on Fox News Channel’s “Hannity,” Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump touted his conservative credentials.

According to Trump, he very conservative on the issues of energy, the military, trade, health care and taxes.

“When it comes to being conservative, I happen to be conservative,” Trump said. “I’m very strong on energy independence, as you know. And I think that’s the most conservative position. And I have the most conservative position on that. I am very so-called conservative on the military. I want a very strong military. You know our military is totally depleted. We’re going to take care of our vets as part of that whole situation because our vets are not treated properly. Nobody is more conservative when it comes to trade than I am. Now you can go and you can say I’m not a free trader, but I’m a free trader. I’m also a fair trader and a smart trader. I want to make sure the United States gains something. So I think you would probably agree. You have been dealing with me or a long time.”

“We want smart trade,” he continued. “We want trade that’s going to be beneficial for us, not just suck all of our money and all of our jobs out of our system. If you look at what China has done to us over 15 years, it’s just horrible. It’s outrageous that they get away with it. Certainly when it comes to health care, we want to repeal and replace ObamaCare. We’re going to. ObamaCare is a total disaster for this country. A total and complete disaster. We are going to come up with plans and there are lots of alternatives. We’re going to come up with plans far less expensive. Better for the people and the country. I’m certainly very conservative coming to education. We are getting rid of common core, we will have education at a local level. I’m mean there are so many different things and really very conservative getting right down to it.”

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