Chelsea Clinton: My Mom Could Use ‘Executive Action’ to Handle Obamacare’s ‘Crushing Costs’

Win McNamee/Getty Images
Win McNamee/Getty Images

On the campaign trail for her mother, Chelsea Clinton is both giving Hillary Clinton credit for Obamacare’s basic framework and distancing her from the boondoggle’s massive increase in costs to average Americans.

In February, Chelsea Clinton campaigned in Minnesota and bemoaned persistent GOP-led attacks against Obamacare – which she touted was once called Hillarycare.

“We need to defend the Affordable Care Act,” Clinton said. “And then we need to do more … to get to 100 percent coverage.”

However, Truth Revolt observed last week that Chelsea Clinton told voters that something needed to be done to deal with Obamacare’s “crushing costs” and said her mother was prepared to consider “executive action” as a means to bring down those costs.

Clinton said her mother’s original plan while her father was president was to cap out-of-pocket expenses and insurance premium costs.

“We can either do that directly or through tax credits. And, kind of figuring out whether she could do that through executive action,” Clinton said.

“She thinks either of those will help solve the challenge of  … the crushing costs that still exist for too many people, who even are part of the Affordable Care Act and buying insurance,” she added.


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