Alleged Race Hoaxers Supported by Hillary Refuse Plea Deal

assault on bus News 10 Albany
News 10 Albany

Three black women accused of filing a false police report claiming they were assaulted by a gang of white people while on a bus at the State University of New York at Albany have refused a plea deal that would have required an apology.

On Monday, Ariel Agudio, Alexis Briggs, and Asha Burwell appeared before a judge in Albany City Court but turned down the deal on the misdemeanor charges they face.

Their initial claim made the trio a cause for the Black Lives Matter movement, who have remained largely silent on the case since the women’s claims were contradicted by audio and video of the incident that reveal the women themselves started the assault.

When the story broke, erstwhile Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton Tweeted about the incident and has never removed the Tweet or commented on the evidence that contradicts the women’s claims.

As Albany’s reported:

The initial report caused an uproar within the SUNY campus community and across the country resulting in a well attended rally with the trio standing teary eyed at a podium demanding justice. But as their story began to unravel, two of the students have now left school.

Two of the women have withdrawn from the school, including Asha Burwell. Burwell’s brother, a player for the NFL, threatened a white student over the incident when the story broke. Burwell withdrew in March.

Since the women refused the deal, the case will now go to the Grand Jury.

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