‘Make America Mexico Again’: We Warned You About America-Hating Mobs

REUTERS/Mike Blake
REUTERS/Mike Blake

Since the advent of the of the Occupy Wall Street movement and continuing though the rise of Black Lives Matter, Breitbart News has been warning and educating our audience about the real nature of the radical protest movements that act both as the vanguard of the revolution for the far-left and the shock troops for establishment Democrats.

The protests that America saw in California on Thursday and Friday should be wake-up call about the real nature and goals of these movements. The facts were all there about the people coming together not merely to protest Donald Trump but to strike out at America itself. Everyone could see the American flags burning, the Mexican flags flying, the violence and the vulgarity all aimed at capitalism, freedom, and white Americans.

In my appearance Thursday morning on Breitbart News Daily on SiriusXM Patriot Channel 125, I connected the dots on a modern day axis of evil we see destroying the modern world: the deadly alliance between radical Islam and the radical Left.

I discussed the goal of these movements to destroy America and replace it with nation states divided along racial and cultural lines. It sounds crazy to think people really want to create the back-ruled country of New Afrikka out of America’s south or something as far-fetched as building a nation called Aztlan from the “stolen land” from California to Texas, but there it was on display in California.

In one video clip, a foul-mouthed female activist bleats into her megaphone about hating America’s values and railing against slavery, homophobia, and patriarchy.


The sick hypocrisy is that the leftists decrying slavery, homophobia, and patriarchy are defending Islamists who keep women as literal sex slaves, force female genital mutilations, and throw gay people off of buildings.

Everything the left claims to hate about the West is practiced in Muslim majority nations across the globe, which are the global leaders in the real war on women. If you want to see real rape culture, you’ll find it in gang assaults from the Arab Spring in Cairo to the New Years attacks in Cologne to the “migrant” camps springing up as the Muslim invasion of Europe continues.

Don’t count on the mainstream media to report it, however. Trained by the entrenched radicals of academia, they don’t dare color outside of the politically correct lines that have been set for them. They bring you cherry picked info filtered through ideological blinders that don’t let them report what’s really hapenning on the ground.

You can’t expect the GOP establishment or their media lapdogs to give you the unvarnished truth either. Yes, the worst media on the right probably brings you more real information than a left wing outlet on a good day, but a combination of fear of being tarred with leftist insults and kowtowing to global big business interests mutes the real story. Unfortunately, on issues from immigration policy to “mass incarceration” to foreign entanglements with counties like Saudi Arabia, too often the establishment right and left work in collusion.

Even self-defense against the protester gang is not tolerated. Note that when Donald Trump began to mock the disruptive mobs who had been attacking his supporters and trying to ruin his events for months, both the left and right establishment attacked Trump for creating an “atmosphere of violence.”

The California protests proved once again that Trump and his fans are the ones responding to an atmosphere of violence and anti-American hatred.

Tomorrow is May Day, and for the socialists, communists, and other radicals, it’s like Easter, Christmas, and their birthday all rolled into one. It’s a time for chanting and property destruction in the name of anti-Capitalism in events held all across America.

You know that Breitbart News will bring you facts as the long hot summer rolls out on the road to Cleveland. Stay tuned.

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