***Horse Race LiveWire*** Trump Looks for Clear Path to Nomination with Dominant Indiana Victory

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Welcome to Breitbart News’s live updates of the 2016 horse race. Indiana is effectively a closeout contest for Donald Trump, who can effectively all but end the GOP nominating contest by winning the lion’s share of the Hoosier State’s 57 delegates with a resounding victory.

On the left, Hillary Clinton lowered expectations by largely bypassing the state to focus on West Virginia. A Sanders win in Indiana will not change anything for Democrats since Sanders and Clinton will probably split the state’s delegates, but a Clinton victory may put more pressure on Sanders to exit the race. Polls close at 6 p.m. local time (eastern time for most of the state, central time for parts).

Stay tuned to Breitbart News throughout the evening for live updates.

All times eastern.

12:45: Carl Bernstein says  on CNN that “new media” will play a big/important role in 2016 election, says Trump may benefit from the “screw you” vote in general election. He says Clinton allies are concerned about running against Trump and are worried because they know their candidate has “performed awfully.” Bernstein points out that aTrump is going to make Clinton’s email scandal a “huge issue.”

12:25: On CNN, Don Lemon says that he hadn’t seen a “whisper campaign” where people would come up to him and tell him they actually like and support Donald Trump since Obama’s historic candidacy in 2008. Lemon actually took regular people seriously, and that is why was one of the few mainstream media figures who said from the outset that Trump should not be underestimated.

12:15: On MSNBC, former GOP Chairman Michael Steele says Trump’s presumptive nomination is the creation of the GOP establishment that ignored their voters.

12:10: Why are these people, who always want people to be Republicans before conservatives, GOP operatives?

12:05: Why are these pundits allowed to even give their takes this election cycle? This election cycle has shown that the “pundits” are just as clueless about the country as GOP establishment politicians and professional Republican operatives (establishment and conservative).

Flashback: Coulter takes “talking head twits” to task, points out someone who did get it right this election cycle.

12:01: #NeverTrump folks just as fragile as liberal snowflakes.

11:52: Van Jones on CNN points out that only 70% of African-Americans don’t like him. He says that Trump can potentially fracture the black-Latino coalition that Democrats have taken for granted on illegal immigration. Axelrod, knowing that Jones may be right, interjects and immediately tries to change the subject. Jones says Trump just needs to get half of the 30% of black voters who do not hate him to be dangerous in a general election.


11:45: Warrren trying to remain relevant or worried that Trump can actually win the White House.

11:30: Texas Gov. Abbott calls on conservatives to “unite to support the presumptive GOP nominee.”

Congratulations to my good friend Ted Cruz on a hard fought campaign. Conservatives must unite to support the presumptive GOP nominee and prevent the Constitution from being destroyed by Hillary.

Posted by Greg Abbott on Tuesday, May 3, 2016

11:10: In an interview with CNN, Sanders “doesn’t accept” that he can’t beat Clinton and says “we are in this race to win.” He says Clinton does well with older people, but he wins with those under 45 years of age and is better able to win independents against Trump. Sanders says super delegates in states where Sanders won overwhelmingly “should respond to what their constituents want.” He says it is incumbent upon super delegates in states in which he won landslide victories to support him. Sanders says he will see some “sensible super delegates” who supported Clinton even before Sanders announced ending up supporting him. He also says the Dem. establishment doesn’t want him around. He says it is “extremely undemocratic” to say that Clinton is the nominee at this point.

10:30: Though Trump’s campaign has been about how bad trade deals and illegal immigration are hurting American workers, Clinton’s campaign will try to argue that Trump is not prepared to “help working families get ahead here at home” and “keep our nation safe in a dangerous world.”

10:25: MS Gov. Says He Will Support Trump:

10:18: Bigger GOP tent with Trump as nominee:

10:00: Sanders has some “bad news” for Clinton if she thinks the Dem. race is over.

9:55: Clinton already fundraising off of Trump:

9:51: Strong support once again for Trump with voters who are angry at the federal government.

9:45: Tony Lee: Trump is raw, but he has great potential for a general election. He’s like a five-tool baseball player with great speed, which never has a slump, or a pitcher who can throw 100 mph. You can’t teach those skills. But he can’t just hurl the ball without a plan or run himself out of innings.

9:34: Trump vows to “make America great again” and says Americans will be proud of their country very soon.

9:33: Trump says we’re going to say “Merry Christmas” again. He says he won with women voters tonight and says “I love winning with women.”

9:31: Trump says people who have been “vicious” to him are calling to ask to come aboard the “Trump Train.” Trump thanks Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) and Sarah Palin, who he says from “day one has been incredible.”

9:29: Trump congratulates Priebus for dealing with 17 egos. He says he guesses he is now down to one but doesn’t know (Kasich still in the race). He also congratulates his staff. “This has been an amazing evening,” Trump says. “I didn’t expect this.” He says Cruz did a “brave” thing by dropping out because we “have to bring unity” to the Republican Party.

9:26: Trump says other nations will like us better and “respect us” after his tough love policies. “They have to respect us, and they have to know where we’re coming from,” he says. Trump says Clinton will not be able to make great trade deals and says he will have “unbelievable relationships” with Hispanics. He says Hispanics and African-Americans want jobs and he will bring back jobs. Trump says a divided country will become “one loving country” with “great economic development” that other countries cannot “take away from us.”

9:25: Trump: “We’re going to win big. And it’s going to be America First.”

9:22: Trump says “we’re going to bring back our jobs” and “we’re going to keep our jobs.” Trump says companies can go to different states but not to other countries that devalue their currencies. He says there will be “serious consequences” for companies that do so. Trump says he has been in competitions all of his life and he has met some of the most unbelievable competitors in this election cycle. Trump says Cruz is “one hell of a competitor” and a “tough, smart guy.” He adds that he doesn’t know whether Cruz likes him but says Cruz has “got an amazing future.” He wants to congratulate Cruz and realizes how tough the business is.

9:21: Trump says Hillary will be a “poor” president because she doesn’t understand trade. He says her husband signed the worst trade deal in history and during the last six weeks he has witnessed the “carnage” NAFTA has wrought.

9:17: Trump thanks the “incredible people” of Indiana for helping him erase a 20-point deficit. He says “we had a tremendous victory tonight.” He thanks Bobby Knight. Trump says we are losing with trade and borders and we’re not going to lose anymore. He says the people of Indiana didn’t buy the negative ads against Trump. He says it makes him feel very good. He says he’s now going to Nebraska and West Virginia. “We’re going to get those miners back to work,” he says. Trump says he watched Clinton talk about miners as if they are just numbers. “Let me tell you: The miners of West Virginia and Pennsylvania… and Ohio.. and all over will start to work again,” Trump says. “They’re going to be proud again to be miners.”

9:16: A victorious Trump appears at Trump Tower and starts by thanking his family.

9:14: Sanders projected to win Indiana:

9:00: Priebus declares Trump “presumptive GOP nominee,” calls on Republicans to defeat Clinton.


8:58: On CNN, Van Jones, who is worried about Trump’s appeal in a general election, points out that Clinton still hasn’t sealed the deal on the left for the same reasons Trump clinched on the right.

8:41: Cruz says “it appears that path has been foreclosed.” He says we left it all on the field in Indiana “but the voters chose another path.” He says “with a heavy heart and with boundless optimism” and “for the long-term future of our nation, we are suspending our campaign.”

“But hear me now: I am not suspending our fight for liberty,” he says. Cruz says he will continue this fight with all of his strength and ability.


8:38: Cruz says he saw a “movement grow” when he launched his campaign while the pundits doubted him. He cites over $1.5 million contributions averaging about $60 and thanks the patriots who supported his campaign for fighting so hard to save our nation.

8:34: Cruz reportedly dropping out of the race:

8:31: Cruz says America is the land that allowed her mom to be a pioneer in the tech world and opened its arms to his father. He says their stories could only happen in America.

8:29: Cruz wants to talk about the America he loves. He says “we began with a revolutionary idea” that rights “don’t come from kings and queens and even presidents but from God almighty and everyone has an unalienable right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness and to protect those rights the Constitution serves as chains to bind the mischief of government.”

8:27: “God Bless the Hoosier State,” Cruz opens.

8:23: Carly Fiorina is speaking before Cruz at his election night party.  Sounding scripted, she says Cruz favors “substance over sloganeering” and who favors “respect over insult.”

8:19: Steve Schmidt: The candidate who is most like George W. Bush/Dick Cheney on foreign policy is Hillary Clinton and not Donald Trump.

8:18: MSNBC’s Wallace says she’s hearing there will be a “Republicans for Hillary” effort in the general election. She and Schmidt say these Republicans, mainly in the foreign policy establishment, may support Clinton on foreign policy grounds. (Tony Lee: That may be a gift for Trump like it was for Obama in 2008, since Americans hate those in the GOP foreign policy establishment after the Iraq war.)

8:17: On MSNBC, none other than Steve Schmidt says the race is “over” and he would tell the other campaigns to “hang it up.” MSNBC has the un-dynamic duo of Nicolle Wallace/Schmidt are on for election night coverage.

8:13: Dominant.

8:10: Trump continues to raise the roof:

8:07: Trump getting ready at Trump Tower:

8:02: New York Post cover: “Hoosier Daddy!”


8:00: Kasich campaign’s statement on tonight’s results:

7:57: (See previous comments about Axelrod calling Trump the first “Twitter candidate” for more parallels)


7:55: Matt Drudge:


7:50: Trump on his way to 1,237:

7:47: Can Trump excite these voters like Obama mobilized disaffected black voters in 2008?

7:40: And they claim to care about the Supreme Court:

7:35: Media mocking Never Trump professional operatives:


7:29: Bernie Sanders, speaking to supporters, says he the ideals he is fighting for is for the future of America and the Democratic party. He says he is running for president because we live in the wealthiest nation in the history of the world but the most Americans don’t know it because the economy is rigged and most of the income goes to the top 1%.

7:26: On CNN, David Axelrod, who was the top strategist for the first Facebook candidate in Obama (who ran circles around Clinton), mentions that Trump is the first “Twitter candidate.” The brilliant “Vote Different” ad that the Obama campaign employed against Clinton applies to her this time around as well–and people like Axelrod know it deep down. (Tony Lee: I once labeled Sarah Palin the “Great CommunitTweeter” and Trump is running circles around the GOP establishment, being embraced by working-class voters, and pissing off/exposing the professional conservatives and professional Republicans just like Palin would have done. Keep in mind that the political and media establishments all mocked Palin when she started using Twitter/Facebook to go directly over their heads to the American people. Years after Palin used Twitter/Facebook to communicate with voters, the reporters and operatives who mocked her started to religiously use Twitter/Facebook.)

7:20: Cruz is leading in only two counties in Indiana.

7:12: Trump won over moderates and Indiana Republicans who make more than $100K. Again, Trump has across-the-board support.

7:07: On Fox News, Carl Cameron reports that the Trump campaign is realizing they need more staffers for a general election and is figuring out who they are going to fund a general election campaign.

7:02: Dem. race too close to call.

7:01: Trump Projected to Win Indiana (early call probably means race is not going to be close):

6:58: Most GOP primary voters decided early:

6:58: On MSNBC, Chuck Todd points out that Cruz, who wants to frame himself as an outsider, is coming across as just a typical/conventional politician who is upset that he is losing since he is refusing to say he will never support Trump even after calling him an “amoral” “pathological liar.”

6:56: Trump 54%, Cruz 33% (8% reporting).

6:55: Fox News has hardly been pro-Trump, as Cruz laughingly tried to claim in his morning rant.

6:53: Trump dominating Google searches:

6:50: Breitbart News has relentlessly reported for nearly four years on the GOP establishment’s efforts to “crush” the Tea Party movement and voters that gave the GOP its majority in Congress, and how that has enraged center-right voters across the country. Now, mainstream media reporters seem to be finally getting it. On CNN, John King and Gloria Borger pointed out that Trump has succeeded this election cycle because GOP establishment leaders treated the voters who gave them their power and majority with nothing but disdain. Conservative commentator Jeffrey Lord said that the GOP’s success under Reagan/Bush led to many Republicans who came to Washington as revolutionaries and then became consummate insiders who then lost touch with the Reagan revolutionary voters. Kayleigh McEnany said that the “Never Trump” movement, like the GOP establishment did tried to do to Tea Party voters, only care about tearing Trump down and that is why the movement is flailing and failing. McEnany and Lord sound like real people who are in touch with average Americans, unlike CNN panelist Amanda Carpenter, who is rabidly anti-Trump and sounds like a consummate Washington insider who is most at home parroting talking points/bullet points that high-priced consultants send around in the morning.

6:33: Krauthammer concedes “stop Trump” campaign over if Trump wins Indiana.

6:19: Could Clinton pull out a victory in Indiana?

6:15: Cruz’s dad: Trump’s JFK allegations “ludicrous.”

6:10: Cruz supporters lining up for election night event in Indiana.


6:00: Lindsey Graham again spending more energy attacking Republicans than Democrats:

5:50: Eric Cantor–always in touch with the people:

5:45: Kasich will hold media availabilities tomorrow. Will anyone even care?


5:39: On MSNBC, Chris Matthews wonders out loud when Trump’s “hair” and “his manner” and “schtick” will start being inappropriate.

5:35: Indiana GOP voters “dissatisfied” and “angry” at Washington:

50% dissatisfied

34% angry

10% satisfied


5:28: Indiana GOP exit polls: 34% very conservative, 43% somewhat conservative, 21% moderate

5:26: Indiana Republicans want candidate who shares their values, brings change, and “tells it like it is.”

5:25: Indiana GOP voters (53%) feel party’s politicians have “betrayed” them:

5:23: Jobs/Economy most important issue for Indiana Republicans:

5:20: Another example of why Clinton is not a shoo-in vs. Trump in general election.

5:17: Exit Polls: 65% of GOP Indiana Primary voters believe candidate with most votes should be nominated at contested convention.

5:16: ABC News Exit Polling:

Based on preliminary exit poll results, among key GOP groups, a third are “very” conservative, six in 10 are evangelicals and a majority attends church weekly. Still, weekly churchgoing evangelicals – a better group for Cruz in the past – account for well under half of all Indiana GOP primary voters, about four in 10.

5:13: Indiana Dem. Exit Polls:  Only 18% of Indiana Dems are African-American. Just 17% are under 30 years of age:


5:11: Indiana Dems. think Sanders much more honest/trustworthy than Sanders.

5:09: Exit Polls: Indiana Republicans want outsider.

5:07: Exit Polls: Like voters in other states, GOP voters in Indiana think primary has divided party, Democrats believe primary has energized their party:

4:55: Bobby Jindal now says he’ll vote for Trump if he is the nominee (Tony Lee: GOP candidates who have presidential ambitions realizing they may not want to turn off Trump voters they will need in future election cycles. Cruz has to be careful going forward because Trump’s supporters don’t easily forget and the GOP establishment forces already has nothing but disdain for him.)

4:45: According to Google, in the week before the Indiana primary, Hoosier state residents mostly searched for Donald Trump, ISIS, and immigration.

4:37: Perhaps the worst state in which to make such a ridiculous Kerry-esque gaffe:

4:35: Trump dominant in West Virginia. State’s voters also don’t like Fiorina.

4:32: Mark Salter, John McCain’s “alter ego” who co-wrote all of his books, says he’s with Clinton:

4:20: Ed Rollins reportedly joining pro-Trump Super PAC. This race just gets more interesting since Roger Stone, a longtime Trump ally who, in an understatement, hates Rollins, started a competing pro-Trump Super PAC (Committee to Restore America’s Greatness).

4:15: “Never Trump” movement spent big in Indiana. Clinton campaign spent nothing.

4:05: Polls close in Indiana at 6 p.m. local time:

4:00: Pro-Clinton group already hyping Cruz’s anti-Trump rant:

3:56: Tony Lee: Earlier, Cruz again claimed that even Fox News is the Donald Trump network and cynical media executives want Trump to be the GOP nominee because Clinton will steamroll him en route to the White House. Not so fast. Clinton, who is much more of a policy wonk than a gifted politician, has trouble connecting with working-class whites as much as she does with black activists. A lack of enthusiasm for her candidacy among black base voters combined with enthusiasm for Trump’s candidacy among working-class voters of all backgrounds may open the door for a general election victory for Trump. In addition, there may be a reverse Bill Bradley effect in the general election, as women and minorities may be reluctant to tell pollsters, strangers and perhaps even friends that they will vote for Trump. If the mainstream media really thought Clinton would steamroll Trump, wouldn’t they be hyping how well Trump would fare against Clinton in the general instead of repeatedly saying (as if they are trying to convince themselves while knowing Clinton is far from a shoo-in to win the general election) that Trump has no chance against Clinton in the general?

3:55: Andrea Mitchell, echoing what an AP reporter discovered in Appalachia, tells Clinton, “Appalachia used to be Bill Clinton Country. Now, it’s Donald Trump country.” Clinton claimed that her comments about wanting to put the coal industry out of business was “totally out of context from what I meant” and it was a “misstatement.”


Clinton claims she is a “change candidate,” telling Mitchell, “I can’t imagine more change than having the first woman president.” She adds that she is on the bring of being the “first woman nominated by a national party to run for president.” She says her campaign has raised millions of dollars already off of Trump’s comments about her gender. She adds, “we’re not going to be counted out.” She says women will “claim what is rightfully ours’ in the workplace, society, and political system.  She also said a “woman’s card unfortunately doesn’t give you a discount” even though women don’t get equal pay.

Regarding her comments about knowing how to deal with “men who go off the reservation,” Clinton claims she was referring to Rudy Giuliani’s “intemperate” attacks and temper tantrums. She also said she also handled Rick Lazio during her Senate race, who Clinton said was “similarly going after me.”

“I have political experience in dealing with candidates who think they are going to score points by being either negative about women in general or me in particular,” she said.

3:47: In the interview, Clinton also said the government should take a “hard look at coal companies” that, in the course of going through bankruptcy proceedings, are trying to shed their health/pension responsibilities to their workers. She said coal companies are not taking into account years of labor and commitment of their employees.

3:45:  In the MSNBC interview, Clinton suggests she will be tougher on Putin than Trump, saying that Putin blamed her personally for demonstrations in Russia against his rigged election.

3:33: Clinton says she has not been contacted by the FBI and claims foreign nations did not hack her private email server.

3:30: Interesting comment from a Cruz surrogate:

3:15: Tony Lee: Cruz pointed out Trump’s insecurity, something Trump will have to overcome if he is going to become a great general election candidate and president. But listen to Cruz’s interview. Just like he did when he confronted a Trump supporter and sounded like a D.C. elitist thumbing his nose at regular people, he sounds like a Senator reading a prepared script even when attacking Trump. He seems incapable of speaking like a normal person, and that is part of the of the reason why Cruz (with his Ivy League pedigree), much to his chagrin and frustration, has not been able to viscerally connect with working-class voters.

3:00: A day when his campaign may effectively end, Cruz decided it was time to finally say what he thinks about Donald Trump.

Cruz called Trump a “pathological liar” and a serial “philanderer” who jokes about “venereal disease” and who will betray and lie to his supporters on every issue. He said Trump is an “amoral” and “arrogant buffoon” who accuses everyone else of doing whatever he does and says Trump believes whatever lie he is telling at the moment. Cruz said Trump could tell three different lies on the same day and pass a lie detector test each time.

He also said Trump is an insecure narcissist and bully who is terrified by strong women and said Trump’s insecurity is why he builds giant buildings and puts his name on them.

Trump’s campaign blasted Cruz’s “outburst,” saying he was becoming “unhinged” because of his “flailing” campaign.




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