Planned Parenthood Evacuates After Finding ‘Unknown Substance’…Baby Food

Wawa quinoa and amaranth based baby food products in La Paz, on June 12, 2013.

A Florida Planned Parenthood abortion business was evacuated Monday as seven people were taken to the hospital for medical evaluation and hazmat teams responded to emergency calls over the discovery of an “unknown substance.” It turned out to be baby food.

Sarasota Police Department spokesperson Genevieve Judge said 38 people inside the Planned Parenthood clinic were evacuated and decontaminated at the scene, reports Associated Press. A local school was also placed on lockdown. Some individuals reported shortness of breath in response to the substance, and some were carried out on stretchers.

Mollie Hemingway at The Federalist writes:

Those HazMat teams confirmed that Planned Parenthood’s worst fears had come true.

It was baby food.

The local school sent out a note that all the children at the school were safe (no word on the safety of the children whose lives are ended at Planned Parenthood).

To recap: occupants of a Planned Parenthood clinic reported shortness of breath and sought major medical care and hazmat clean-up, putting neighborhood schools and cable news outlets on high alert, in response to baby food.

The Sarasota Police Department also reported that the illnesses among the evacuees were actually due to improperly stored cleaning supplies.


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