Scott Adams Takes Swipe at Hillary Clinton’s Health: ‘Part Human, Part Pharmacological Grab-Bag’


Scott Adams, the creator of Dilbert and a blogger who correctly predicted the rise of Donald Trump, wrote Thursday that Hillary Clinton’s use of medication and alcohol make her thought process less consistent than Trump’s.

On his personal blog, the author described Clinton as “part human, part pharmacological grab-bag,” while Trump — who does not drink or take drugs — is “not a chemical cyborg with a personality that is driven by big pharma,” in Adams’ view.

Trump doesn’t drink. He never has. He doesn’t take illegal drugs either. He’s the same guy at night that he is in the morning. He’s not a chemical cyborg with a personality that is driven by big pharma.

Clinton, on the other hand, is part human, part pharmacological grab-bag. Her personality is at least partly determined by whatever cocktail of meds and wine are in her system at any given moment. In  other words, she is just like most adults. Our personalities are the product of the drugs in our system, for better or for worse.

Do you make the same decisions when you are tired? Do you make the same decisions when you’re angry, depressed, or in pain? Probably not. So if meds are fixing those conditions, those meds are also controlling your decisions. And that introduces risk.

Trump brings with him all the risks of being Trump, but he does seem to be the same person every day. Clinton brings with her all the risks of being Clinton, plus any extra risks from a glass of wine or doctor-prescribed meds. That risk could be nearly nothing. Or not. We have no way to know.

Clinton has used prescription blood thinners since 1998, thanks to a history of blood clots. The latest public information from her physicians says that she is on Coumadin. Talk show host Drew Pinsky, better known as Dr. Drew, told Breitbart News that Clinton’s Coumadin regimen is out of the ordinary.

But, when you read she had a history of previous deep venous thrombosis in 1998 and 2009 – she’s had twice a clot in her leg – these are serious clots that lead to something called pulmonary embolism, which can also cause sudden death. So, she has an underlying recurrent blood clot in her leg, a clot in her transverse sinus…why is she clotting? And then why would you leave her on the oldest and sort of most treacherous anticoagulant? If you’re going to leave somebody on an anticoagulant, why the oldest, old fashion anticoagulant – which by the way I’m a fan of Coumadin, I’m a fan of it – but for kind of spurious reasons, wouldn’t you think somebody who’s a candidate for president [would] have one of the newer anticoagulants that are safer, and the indications for her staying on anticoagulants are kind of spurious…it makes me worry about the sophistication of the healthcare she is getting.

On the campaign trail, Clinton has suffered repeated coughing fits — some lasting several minutes. The press has noticed that cough drops and lozenges are now a regular step in her pre-speech ritual. Her campaign and physician maintain, however, that she is in good health and ready to serve as Commander-in-Chief.

Adams, best known for his syndicated comic strip, is also a trained hypnotist and expert in the field of persuasion. Long before the world of political pundits took Trump seriously as a candidate, Adams wrote that his superior persuasion skills would help him win the presidency — as early as the first Fox News debate. Now, Adams predicts that Trump will beat Clinton in a “landslide” come November. He often caveats his praise of Trump’s technique, saying it should not be construed as an endorsement of his policies.


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