Report: Secretly-Released Criminal Illegal Aliens Continued to Commit Serious Crimes, Managed to Register to Vote

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Illegals released by Obama administration officials stabbed an old girlfriend, robbed a man outside a 7-11, and murdered a young woman in New England after failing to be deported.

The mayhem caused by Obama was discovered when the Boston Globe sued the Obama administration and found illegal aliens who were top deportation priorities were secretly turned loose back into New England communities — with as many as 30 percent going on to commit serious crimes such as attempted murder and rape.

The Globe’s report comes in the unending wave of extremely violent crime committed by illegal aliens across the U.S. during the Obama administration years:

  • Two illegal aliens bound and beat an elderly Minnesota farmer to death after he hired them to paint his house last April.
  • Six MS-13 gang members murdered three and dismembered them in Virginia parks between 2013 and 2014.
  • Another, grinning illegal alien stabbed a father of two to death and ripped out his liver for police to see.
  • Yet another illegal alien struck a young Texas woman riding her bike in March, dragging her for nearly 2,000 feet while ignoring her screams, leaving her disfigured and permanently disabled as he fled the scene.

As many as 30 million illegal aliens live in the U.S, but immigration officials keep the release of criminal illegal aliens a secret, leaving communities in the dark about whether or not dangerous foreign nationals reside in their neighborhoods. “Clear answers are hard to come by in a system that aggressively keeps its records from the public,” the Globe reports.

The Globe found that the Obama administration released 323 criminal illegals into New England from 2008 to 2012, a quarter of whom were convicted of violent crime such as murder and rape, with nearly one-third of them going on to commit more crimes:

The Globe found that a Massachusetts man [sic] was supposed to be deported after he served jail time for bashing his ex-girlfriend on the head with a hammer — but ICE released him in October 2009. Three months later, he found the ex-girlfriend and stabbed her repeatedly. A Rhode Island man [sic] who had served prison time for a home invasion was also released from immigration detention in 2009; five years later, he was arrested for attacking his former girlfriend. In 2010, ICE released a man with a lengthy criminal record in Maine; a few months later he grabbed a man outside a 7-Eleven, held a knife to the man’s throat, and robbed him.

ICE also released a criminal illegal alien from Haiti who served 17 years in prison for attempted murder, Jean Jacques, back onto U.S. streets after Haiti decided it didn’t want him back. Jacques went on to murder 25-year-old Casey Chadwick in 2015.

Chester Fairlie, who represents Chadwick’s mother, slammed ICE’s practice of refusing to disclose when they release criminal aliens: “There’s a serious question of who ICE represents. Who do they work for? Public safety should trump any claim of privilege or confidentiality. It doesn’t come from statute. It doesn’t come from law. It comes from ICE deciding that that’s how it’s going to do things.”

With the 2001 Supreme Court decision Zadvydas v. Davis, the Supreme Court took sovereignty from the legislature and put it in the hands of foreign nations, as the non-partisan Centers for Immigration Studies warned in a report: “In order to eliminate what it considered the ‘constitutional threat’ of the potentially indefinite detention of deportable aliens, the Court held that ‘once removal is no longer reasonably foreseeable, continued detention is no longer authorized by statute.’ The Court then arbitrarily decided that six months was all that was necessary for determining an alien’s deportability.” Thus, many violent illegal aliens are free to commit more horrifying crimes. What’s more: As many as 140 nations have refused to cooperate with the U.S. and allow aliens to be deported back to their native countries.

The world’s sole superpower’s immigration laws can be upended by a criminal throwing a temper tantrum, according to the Globe: “One released criminal thwarted his own deportation three times by kicking and screaming on an airplane bound for his homeland, prompting the pilot to throw him off while they were still on the ground, according to federal court records.”

The scale of massive illegal immigration — on top of extreme, historically-unprecedented levels of legal immigration — creates a great deal of upheaval and confusion. Some of the criminal illegal aliens even managed to register to vote, the Globe notes: “Court records show that, for a variety of reasons, some released criminals went on to enjoy privileges that otherwise law-abiding [sic] [illegal] immigrants usually can’t enjoy, such as obtaining driver’s licenses. Five released criminals were even registered to vote in Massachusetts, putting them in the jury pool. State officials said none had ever voted, and they removed them from the list after being asked about them.”

The Obama administration has already set over 86,000 criminal illegal aliens free from 2013 to 2015 — who went on to commit over 231,000 more crimes during that time — on top of its plans to release as many as 70,000 federal prisoners.

The Globe’s database can be searched here.


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