Donald Trump’s Opponents Call for Violence At Rally: ‘Fascism Wants Us to Peacefully Resist’

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Steve Helber/AP

A flyer circulated before Donald Trump’s Friday rally in Richmond, Virginia, called for violence and declared “passive resistance … has no effect on heartless racists.”

Under a headline of “Self-Defense,” the flyer reads:

We fully support your right to self-defense, we do not expect you to take a beating by Trump goons in order to “look good.” Your safety is important, protect yourself. Fascism wants us to peacefully resist while it steamrolls us. We take our inspiration from the workers of Spain who rose up by the millions to fight fascism when it came to their country. Passive resistance works in certain situations, but it has no impact on heartless racists. #FUCKTRUMPRVA

The flyer urges anti-Trump demonstrators to chant: “No Trump, No KKK, No Fascism USA!” and “No Trump Zone (No Flex Zone).” A “flex zone” is “territory where you are not allowed to boast or flaunt,” according to Urban Dictionary.

“NO PLATFORM FOR FASCISM,” the flyer says.

Fascism is a left-wing ideology developed in the 1920s and 1930s, which says that government officials should coordinate all aspects of a nation’s society, including privately owned industry, churches, unions and schools. During the early 1930s, some American elites praised fascism in Italy and even in Germany.

Richmond residents were worried about being assaulted and subsequently arrested them if they fought off their attackers, after being shocked by the vicious swarms, beatings, and mob attacks inflicted on Trump supporters — including women — in San Jose, California. “‘I also would hate to end up in jail for defending myself, because I do not just want to get beaten up on,'” the resident wrote in an email to Richmond Police Chief Alfred Durham.

“With that being said, I want to be perfectly clear that we will not allow or tolerate any types of illegal behavior at this event. Police personnel will take swift action and make arrests if they witness any unlawful acts,” Durham said at a Thursday press conference, reading the email to reporters.

The ACLU of Virginia said it would plant “observers” to make sure that free speech rights are observed, but did not seem to want to preserve the free-speech and assembly rights of Americans who support Trump. “If police go too far in trying to preempt any disruption by protesters, they run the risk of infringing on their free-speech rights,” said a public policy associate.

The Left and the establishment right have jointly and incessantly smeared Trump as a racist, sexist, Islamaphobic, demagogue, Hitler, subconsciously Hitler, not Hitler but Mussolini, and that his working class white supporters along with their communities “deserve to die.” Creator of Dilbert and neutral observer of the 2016 presidential race Scott Adams warned that the Hillary Clinton campaign was signaling it’s “morally justifiable to assassinate” Trump.

At an earlier rally in San Jose, criminals leapt on top of cars, chased down Trump supporters like prey, stalked and mobbed other supporters, stole Trump signs and hats from supporters and destroyed them. Many of them were masked and waving Mexican flags, and burned American flags.

Screaming and violent demonstrators shut down a Chicago rally and launched similar attacks against supporters and police, also while waving Mexican flags.

Countless death threats have been levied at Trump as the media celebrates them, even giving a sympathetic interview a wannabe killer who rushed Trump.

Trump’s rally in Richmond takes place at 8 p.m. EST.


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