Mickey Kaus: They’ll None of Them be Missed

Volunteers organise pamphlets outlining the Republican party platform before the opening of the Republican National Convention on July 18, 2016 in Cleveland, Ohio

Pros complain about the screw-ups at the GOP convention — they didn’t distribute advance copies of embargoed speeches! The app sucked! The whole affair does have a slightly thin, network-variety-special quality.

It makes you think about what’s been left out — and then you realize why it might turn out to be a success after all. There are no Bushes! No McCain. No Romneys. Do you miss them? Or would they only serve as a reminder of W’s Iraq war, and the crash of 2008 — events from which the electorate (and the party) still hasn’t recovered. Where’s Rand Paul? Where’s Condi? Condi gave a very good speech in 2012 ** — but would her presence really help, given the painful events her tenure is associated with?

It’s a whole new show. Many of the high-salaried actors from last season weren’t asked back. The new cut-rate cast is finding its footing. A few of the initially appealing characters will need to be developed more fully. But that doesn’t mean it won’t succeed. I thought Dancing With the Stars was amateurish too.


** — Not as good as I remembered it! It’s easy to forget how little it took to stand out in the labored 2012 effort to make Mitt Romney interesting.


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