Obama Mocks Trump ‘Conspiracy Theory’ That Election Will Be ‘Rigged’

President Barack Obama answers a question during a news conference after attending a National Security Council Meeting on efforts to counter the Islamic State, Thursday, Aug. 4, 2016, at the Pentagon in Washington. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

President Barack Obama ridiculed Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump for suggesting that the elections would be “rigged” against him.

“Of course the elections will not be rigged,” he scoffed, after a reporter asked him about Trump’s comments during a press conference at the Pentagon this afternoon. “What does that mean?”

He accused Trump of floating a ‘conspiracy theory,’ suggesting that it would be difficult to hack into the local election and the results.

“That is ridiculous,” he said.

He compared Trump to a kid on the playground who accused his opponents of cheating.

“[I] have never heard of someone complaining of cheating before the score is tallied,” Obama said. “My suggestion would be, you know, go out there and try to win the election.”

Obama additionally suggested that Trump needed to start acting more presidential, if he wanted to continue receiving intelligence briefings as the presidential nominee of the Republican party.

Obama said that his administration would continue the tradition of sharing intelligence briefings with the presidential nominees of both parties. He warned Trump, however, to keep the reports classified.

“If they want to be president, they have to start acting like president, and that means being able to receive these briefings and not spread them around,” he said.

After a third reporter asked a question about whether Trump was trustworthy in regards to America’s nuclear weapons, Obama appeared annoyed.

“I would ask all of you to just make your own judgment,” Obama said, lecturing reporters in the room. “I have made this point already multiple times — just listen to what Mr. Trump has to say and make your own judgment with respect to how confident you feel about his ability to manage things like our nuclear triad.”


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